*All documents should be submitted 2-3 months in advance.

* Contact Office for International Student Admission Documents for Application Documents Details

Prepare the documents

Documents for:
Undergraduate-Bachelor studies
Master studies
Postgraduate-Ph.D studies

* To receive an invitation letter, all required documents should be submitted 2 to 3 months prior to the expected date of arrival.

Invitation letter from FEFU

To receive the invitation, you need to submit the following:
1. Passport copy (the page with your photo and personal data)
2. Place of birth (location, province/prefecture/region, country)
3. Address of current residence
4. A city and country where you will apply for the Russian visa

* To obtain the visa, one can apply to the nearest Russian embassy or consulate.


Apply for Visa

After obtaining a visa:
- Visitors are required to inform their coordinator about their date and time of arrival to Vladivostok.
- After entering or re-entering the territory of the Russian Federation, visitors are obliged to register their arrival with the FEFU Visa & Registration Office on the first working day following the day of Arrival.
The following documents should be submitted for registration by FEFU:
- Passport (with the copies of ALL pages, printed on both sides of the paper);
- Visa
- Migration Card.

Please contact our Office for International Student Admission Documents for details and recommendations on how to get your documents ready

Booking and Visa

For visiting Russia it's necessary to have the Russian visa. 
No visa can be obtained in the airport by arrival to Russia. 
To obtain the visa one can apply to the nearest Russian embassy or consulate. 
Important documents for obtaining student's visa: 
- Original signed passport valid for at least 18 months beyond stay. Your passport must have at least 1 clear blank visa page available for the visa stamp(s). 
- Official Invitation issued by the Russian Federal Immigration Service. 
In order to get it you will need to submit your data to the FEFU (see "Applications procedure"). We will submit all of your data to the immigration officials and have your student invitation ready in about 30 to 90 days. After that, we will send you the original invitation by mail. 

After obtaining a visa, please inform us about your date and time of arrival to Vladivostok by e-mail

Contact information

FEFU campus, office A724

+7 (423) 265 2424 (ext. 2684)