Research and Socio-political Journal
ISSN 2499-9474

Aziatsko-Tikhookeanskiy Region: Ekonomika, Politika, Pravo

The journal is registered in the International Center ISSN (ISSN 1813-3274 (Print)) and in the National Agency ISSN (ISSN 2499-9474 (Online))

Economic liberalization of the Russian Far East has created favorable conditions for developing foreign economic relations with the countries of the Asia-Pacific Region. Integration into the Pacific economies is objectively dependent on the political, economic, military, strategic, social and psychological environment. Insufficient attention to these issues can impede integration processes.

Therefore, publication of Pacific Rim: Economics, Politics, Law can facilitate development of fundamental and applied research in the area of regional cooperation between the Russian Far East and Asia-Pacific countries, throw light to the issues related to involvement of the RFE into integration processes, and assist in educating highly qualified experts in international relations.
  Current Issue


  The journal published by the Far Eastern Federal University four times a year contains the following materials:
- articles on economics, foreign economic activity, politics, law and international cooperation between the Asia-Pacific countries, the Russian Far East and Primorye;
- archive materials and comments on the history of cooperation between Russia and the Asia-Pacific countries and their political relations;
- materials on sociological research in major economic, social, political and legal issues;
- legislative and reference materials on regulating national economies and inter-country interaction in the Asia-Pacific;
- comparative-legal study of the legislation of Russia and Asia-Pacific countries in countering new threats and challenges in the context of globalization;
- overviews of regional organizations;
- official information on regional conferences and diplomatic meetings.
The journal also includes materials on other regional aspects – demographic, environmental, etc.
Due to the significance of the topics discussed in the journal the Editorial Board has ensured the support of  experts in various fields related to the topics of the journal, including the employees of FEFU and other higher education institutions, as well as the experts in the issues of the Russian Far East and regional interaction.