FEFU Expert and Analytical Center

FEFU Expert and Analytical Center aims to provide expert opinions required by the federal authorities, the local government bodies, regional organizations, companies and enterprises, as well as to promote Far Eastern Federal University as the leading expert institution.

The Center aims at:

  • drafting scenario-based forecasting reports; conducting foresight research in the sphere of social, economic, political, educational and cultural development at the Asia-Pacific region in terms of cooperation with both Russian and foreign partners of FEFU;

  • posting the full-text inquiries and expert opinions on the Center's web-page;

  • maintenance of the experts' register;

  • maintenance of the register for the FEFU staff-members included into external expert councils;

  • publishing the articles, scenario-based forecasting reports and research findings;

  • organizing the presentations, exhibitions, research and educational events in the sphere of expertise and analytics;

  • fostering the FEFU representatives' engagement with Russian and international expert communities;

  • training and retraining of staff in terms of sphere of expertise and analytics.

Kirill Y. Kolesnichenko
Acting Director for Expertise and Analytics
Address: Office F730, FEFU Campus, Russky Island
E-mail: expert@dvfu.ru;

Ksenia A. Darmaeva
Leading specialist
Address: Office F730, FEFU Campus, Russky Island
E-mail: expert@dvfu.ru; darmaeva.ka@dvfu.ru
T: 8 (423) 265 24 24 (2636)

The issues listed above is not exhaustive and may include other issues in terms of provision of expert conclusions and analytics.