1. Financial and economic expertise.

2. Accounting expertise.

3. Expert assessment of the industrial and food products.

4. Anti-corruption expertise of the legal acts and their drafts (according to Federal Law of 17.07.2009 №172-ФЗ)

5. Assessment of the service quality.

6. Expertise regarding project management issues and independent monitoring of the project results.

7. Assessment of the managerial decision-making.

8. Assessment of the business plans and investment projects.

9. Analysis of the development strategies and business models.

10. Marketing expertise.

11. Expertise in the sphere of personnel management.

12. Customs expertise.

13. Expertise in the sphere of foreign trade.

14. Expertise of advertising materials (including issues such as installing of advertising construction or misuse in advertising).


1. The Asia-Pacific markets, export flaws.

2. The Asia-Pacific economies, economic integration in the region.

3. Entrepreneurship in the Asia-Pacific countries.

4. Regional economy (Primorsky territory, Far Eastern Federal District, Arctic territories).

5. Food security.

6. Low-carbon economy.

7. Migration policy in the Russian Far East.

8. Tax policies.

9. Business optimization, cost savings.

10. Personnel management.

11. Service and goods quality.

12. International financial reporting.

13. E-commerce.

14. Environmental economics.

15. Public procurement.

16. Competition advocacy.

17. Consumer protection.

18. Strategic management.

19. Organizational development.

20. Project-management.