1.     Medical and social expert assessment of the quality of rehabilitation.

2.     Expert evaluation of patients' satisfaction after treatment and rehabilitation course.

3.     General expert conclusion on the socio-medical specification for treatment institutions and preventive health services.

4.     Conclusion on the employment possibilities and labor activity of the cured and rehabilitated patients.

5.     Comprehensive assessment of social protection measures for certain categories of people (disabled, pensioners, children) in health facilities.

6.     Management audit of health facilities.

7.     Expert conclusions on the individual cases of medical care.

8.     Expert evaluation of medicines.

9.     Expert evaluation of food and food additives.


1.     Analysis of the existing and possible problems of the regional health care system.

2.     The forecast of the demand for various forms of medical care in the medium and long term (5, 10 years).

3.     Analysis of the capacities for more efficient use of a workforce in public health institutions.

4.     Interdisciplinary studies of the demographic changes and their correlation with demand for various health services.

5.     The study of medicinal provision of the population by preferential way, via non-budgetary funds and in private way.

6.     Studies on environment health.

7.     Predictive estimates on healthcare sectors.

8.     Analysis and forecasting of the capacity of medical institutions and the organizations to provide a medical care in emergency situations.

9.     Development of the new healthcare methods and analysis of the existing ones aimed to improve the labor safety.