History, ethnology and culture


1. Applied research on

  • Preservation of historical monuments and sites of historical or cultural relevance;

  • ethnic policy and inter-ethnic communication in Russia and the Asia-Pacific countries;

  • historic and contemporary forms of nationalism, racism and xenophobia;

  • religion and communication between society and religious ogranizations in Russia and the Asia-Pacific countries.

2. Archeological excavations aimed to determine the historical relevance of the object considered.

3. An object of cultural heritage assessment (including its legal status, boundaries, accompanying documents, etc.)

4. Consulting on museumification of the artefacts and relics.


1. Providing historical and cultural expertise aimed to determine the historical/cultural relevance and state of conservation of the objects such as

  • building;

  • land plot;

  • locality;

  • object of cultural heritage;

  • other objects which may represent historical relevance.

2. Elaboration of the protection zones of historical and cultural sites including delineation and development of the maintenance regime.

3. Assignment of the protected monument status.

4. Comprehensive description of the relics and artefacts.

5. Providing a background information aims to determine historical relevance of the object.

6. Providing recommendations for preservation of the object.

7. Preparing nomination dossier for inclusion of the sites in the national and international lists (including the World Heritage List).

8. Archeological survey aimed to detect the objects of cultural heritage.

9.  Archeological analysis of the land plot aimed at assessment of risks related to potential presence of the objects of cultural heritage.

10. Providing of the comprehensive cultural and art appraisal including

  • determination of the specific characteristics of the piece of art (genre, creation time, authenticity, etc.);

  • identification of authorship;

  • expert assessment aimed to detect presence/absence elements of pornography in movies, images, video, etc.

11. Providing comprehensive theological examination including

  • determination of the religious nature of an organization;

  • validation of the information on the declared religious teachings;

  • accordance of the declared activities with the actual ones.

12. Conducting the monitoring of the religious confession in Russia, the Asia-Pacific countries or the selected regions.

13. Providing an ethnological expertise and analysis of the social and cultural factors in Russia, the Asia-Pacific countries, the selected regions and communities including

  • the expertise of the legal acts regarding ethnological issues;

  • the expertise of the economic project regarding ethnological issues and comprehensive estimation of the economic impacts on the local communities;

  • the expert conclusions on ethnic and racial issues.

14. Conducting a monitoring of the ethnic groups in Russia, the Asia-Pacific countries and selected regions.

15. Providing recommendations on the prevention and settlement of the ethnic conflicts.

16. Ethno mapping.