International relations and political studies


1. The analysis of transnational political, economic, social and demographic processes in the Asia-Pacific countries including:

  • China;

  • The USA;

  • Japan;

  • The Republic of Korea;

  • Democratic People’s Republic of Korea;

  • Vietnam;

  • Central Asian countries.

2. The comprehensive study of the contemporary economic models in the Asia-Pacific region.

3. The applied research of the political and military aspects of the security in the region.

4. The interdisciplinary analysis of the non-traditional security threats (including the issues such as energy, medical welfare, information security, etc.)

5. The analysis of the existing patterns of political and economic cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region (and elaboration of the new ones).

6. The interdisciplinary analysis of the domestic policy in Russia and Asia-Pacific countries, including:

  • development of civil society institutions (including the public expertise) and interaction with the executive authorities;

  • the political and electoral systems (including the issues related to the electoral violations);

  • human capital development;

  • the elaboration and implementation of the national strategies of the social and economic development;

  • other issues in terms of the domestic policy.

7. The examination of the mechanisms of the state-managed advanced development of the Russian Far East.

8. Political consulting.


1. The evaluation of the contemporary domestic and foreign policy strategies of the Asia-Pacific states.

2. The analytical support of the projects implemented with foreign partners.

3. The forecasting of international cooperation trends (including ones based on the multilateral cooperation institutions in the Asia-Pacific countries).

4. The estimation of the existing and elaboration of the new proposals for the political and economic cooperation between Russia and other countries in the region.

5. The conducting of the sociological and demographic surveys, analysis of the domestic political situation and media monitoring.

6. The examination of the contemporary migration flaws and acculturation issues in the Asia-Pacific region.

7. The comprehensive study of the existing practices in the area of the transboundary interactions and border policy.

8. The preparation of the recommendations for the legislation drafts on the international cooperation issues.

9. The elaboration of the methods for election campaigns and advocacy based on the international experience.

10. The consulting on the political risks mitigation.