1. Providing a comprehensive expertise of the legal acts and their drafts, including

  • draft laws being considered by the federal and regional authorities of Russia;

  • regulatory by-laws;

  • presidential decrees;

  • government resolutions;

  • regulations of municipalities;

  • local normative acts;

  • non-legislative acts.

The expertise is provided in regards to

  • accordance of a normative act with legal principles;

  • correct use of legal categories;

  • accordance of a normative act with other acts such as agreements between Russia and other states or international legal instruments recognized by Russia;

  • legal consistency;

  • correct use of the particular legal techniques or legal forms; 

  • accordance of the act’s provisions with contemporary legal practices in Russian and other states’ legal systems.

2. Providing a legal due diligence and the assessment of legal risks including

  • analysis of constitutive documents;

  • analysis of the documents regulating  internal organizational structure;

  • analysis of the personnel related documents;

  • examination and legal monitoring of agreements and other documents involved;

  • legal monitoring of the contractual transactions and documents in regards to the accordance with legislation of Russian Federation.

3. Theoretical and applied legal research in terms of

  • legal system of Russian Federation;

  • national legal systems of the Asia-Pacific states;

  • public and private international law.

Anti-corruption expertise of the legal acts and their drafts (according to Federal Law of 17.07.2009 №172-FL)