Applied research in the spheres such as

  • Linguistics (including linguistics in Russia and in the Asia-Pacific countries);

  • translation and translation studies;

  • linguodidactics;

  • speech technologies;
  • cross-cultural communication;

  • Russian language in media;

  • Russian language in the Asia-Pacific countries.


1. Providing a linguistic expertise for the cases on

  • honour, dignity and business reputation;

  • insult (including insults to authority) or contempt;

  • defamation.

2.     Providing a comprehensive linguistic expertise on presence/absence of

  • drug promotion;

  • content illegal for the juveniles;

  • plagiarism;

  • threat;

  • propaganda;

  • veiled information;

  • incitement to ethnic, racial, social or religious hatred;

  • extremism.

The subject of a linguistic expertise may include

  • printed and electronic publications;

  • written statements or reports;

  • oral reports or speeches;

  • promotional material;

  • official documents, legislation;

  • social network publications, blogs;

  • brand titles, trademarks, service marks, domain names.

3. Providing a linguistic expertise to ensure a proper quality of the translation performed.

4. Examination of the promotional materials including determining similarity of the trademarks, domain names, brand titles, etc.

5. Analysis of the semantic content in the documents, legislature, agreements, etc.

6. Scrutiny of the speech culture of a spokesperson/an author of the speech/text.

7. Analysis of the content in regards to its potential ability to incite conflicts or have an impact on social or political situation.