Jan 13, 2021 - FEFU News
FEFU trains personnel for the Data Economy in Russia’s regions

More than 200 participants from 43 regions of Russia have successfully completed the Digital Marketing and Media program from the School of Economics and Management of Far Eastern Federal University. The audience learned about the participants in the digital market, contextual and targeted advertising, SMM and web analytics. The course was implemented as part of the system of personal digital certificates - one of the key activities of the federal project "Human Resources for the Data Economy" of the national program "Data Economy".

According to the FEFU School of Economics and Management, the program formed the students' practical skills and abilities to work in a wide range of advertising services. All modules and topics were conducted in an electronic environment on the MS Teams platform with the help of presentations, interactive practical exercises with feedback from teachers almost around the clock. The speakers were professors of the Department of Marketing, Commerce and Logistics, as well as business practices with interesting cases from their companies.

Participants appreciated the richness of the course with practical tools and interactive examples. They also noted the opportunity at any convenient time to review lectures and complete practical tasks without being distracted from the work process and other matters. Through the interactive practice, the participants immersed themselves in new activities and were able to try something new.

“The program turned out to be very rich both in the number of topics and in their filling. The competencies acquired by the students will help their further career growth or opening their own business. Graduates now have the opportunity to decide on the areas of digital marketing and then independently develop competencies along a given trajectory. In turn, the teachers gained experience in scaling the educational activities of a separate federal university at the Russian level”, emphasized Vasily Berke, project manager at the FEFU School of Economics and Management.

Far Eastern Federal University was among 120 organizations, whose applications were approved by the University 20.35, which is the Center of Competence for Human Resources for the Data Economy and the Federal Operator of the Personal Digital Certificates project. The program Digital Marketing and Media, prepared by FEFU School of Economics and Management, was announced for the competitive selection.