Oct 11, 2019 - FEFU News
Potential of FEFU Medical Cluster was Presented at Medical Forum

Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) is to continue the development of Medical Science as one of the priority areas of the university research agenda. This was stated by FEFU President Nikita Anisimov, addressing the participants of the Far Eastern Medical Forum "Pacific Russia - Territory of Health", which takes place on October 9-11 on Russky Island at FEFU Campus.

“Far Eastern Federal University is developing an advanced medical cluster uniting a medical center, a rehabilitation center and FEFU School of Biomedicine. Along with this, in recent years, FEFU clearly defined research priorities in the field of Life Science. University scientists intend to force the dynamics of Development in this area”, said Nikita Anisimov.

FEFU President also praised the role of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives in organizing the Far Eastern Medical Forum and expressed confidence that the results of discussions, recommendations and suggestions would be transferred to the country's leadership.

“Only in a combination of practical skills, scientific work, and social activities can we understand how to motivate a healthy lifestyle among the population, especially young people, and how to prevent various diseases,” concluded Nikita Anisimov.

During the panel session devoted to the export of medical services, the Head of FEFU Medical Center Oleg Pak spoke about the potential and already achieved results of the specialized clinical centers that are part of the federal clinic.

“Today we have every opportunity to provide high-tech operations to foreigners. We are ready to join the team to attract foreign patients to our region, ”said Oleg Pak.

More than 80% of patients at the university clinic are surgical. Since the launch of the medical institution, specialists have already performed more than 37,000 surgical interventions of various diseases. According to statistics, over the past few years, the proportion of foreign patients in the clinic has grown, primarily due to citizens of China, Uzbekistan, and South Korea.

Galina Bondar, FEFU Deputy Vice-President for Medical Affairs, emphasized in her speech the close interaction of the Medical Center specialists with students of the School of Biomedicine, their participation in the development, search and implementation of new methods for treating and rehabilitating patients.

Every year, more and more young people come from educational institutions of the Primorsky Region to visit the School of Biomedicine. Students conduct active health activities such as Stop HIV / AIDS and Donor Day. In addition, the first School of Medical Volunteers was opened at FEFU.