Dec 30, 2019 - FEFU News
The colorful Russian-Indian New Year was celebrated at FEFU

The Russian-Indian New Year was celebrated at Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU). More than 50 students were immersed in the atmosphere of a winter holiday and found out how close Russian and Indian traditions are. The guests and participants got acquainted with the features of the New Year celebration of the two countries, took part in various holiday entertainments and enjoyed the musical performance.

“This year, FEFU has traditionally been the venue for the Eastern Economic Forum, where the main guest was the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. His meeting with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin showed that India is a distant, but a very big friend. Although we know so little about the rich culture of this country. The holiday was held for the mutual integration of Indian and Russian cultures. We wanted to show both our Indian guests and the Russian guys that we can and should communicate, interact and spend time together. The New Year is an excellent occasion to initiate such dialogue”, said Ivan Zinchenko, Chairman of the Student Association of Russian-Indian Friendship.

Russian and Indian students with pleasure joined the New Year’s Station Game, a quiz on knowledge of the traditions of both countries, a dance with Santa Claus and a party. Participants noted that the most important thing is a pleasant company and a festive atmosphere that allowed representatives of the two countries to better understand the mentality and culture of other countries.

The holiday was organized by the Student Association of Russian-Indian Friendship with the support of the Association of Russian and Foreign Students of FEFU.

Currently, over 370 Indian students are studying at Far Eastern Federal University, most of them are the students of “General Medicine” specialty of School of Biomedicine. At the same time, the Department of Pacific Asia at the Institute of Oriental Studies - School of Regional and International Studies is training unique specialists in Indian Studies with knowledge of Hindi.  Moreover, the Representative Office of Amity University, Center for Advanced Study of Yoga and Mahatma Gandhi Center were opened at FEFU in September 2019 as part of the strengthening of relations between Russia and India and the development of educational ties.