Apr 8, 2019 - FEFU News
The first in Russia PhD-program in Clinical Psychology was launched at FEFU

The program of professional retraining "Clinical Psychology (PhD)" was launched at Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU). Students in three years will be able to prepare and defend a thesis in English and receive the PhD Degree with the issuance of FEFU diploma.

“An opportunity to study, conduct research and receive a PhD degree in Clinical Psychology is available for the first time in Russia. It focuses on working directly with patients (clients) and helping them to overcome psychological, physical or behavioral problems of life activity. Abroad PhD allows you to work at the highest levels in the field of scientific and practical psychology”, said the program manager, Candidate of Psychological Sciences Ruslan Kadyrov.

The first enrollment for the program "Clinical Psychology" will be held on April 15, the second is scheduled for October 15. The documents can be submitted by holders of Specialist’s Degree or Master’s Degree in any field of science. Classes will be held at the FEFU School of Arts and Humanities. Training is planned in Russian and English, but the research publications and the thesis will be accepted only in English. In addition, the student will be required to participate in international conferences on the subject. Tuition fee until December 31, 2019 is 380 thousand rubles for three years.

“FEFU international PhD programs impose rather high requirements for applicants, but these programs are in high demand. For example, currently, 17 people are enrolled in the History of Philosophy program. Our programs are focused on an international audience, and we are pleased to invite foreign researchers. For students, a special quota is allocated for accommodation in hotels of the FEFU campus at a student rate. Moreover, students of these programs can receive a special scholarship”, said Natalia Voevodina, program administrator, Head of the Department of Supplementary Education at FEFU School of Arts and Humanities.

Currently, there are several PhD-programs of professional retraining in the School of Arts and Humanities: "Psychology of Management", "Social Philosophy", "History of Philosophy", as well as the international program "Psychology of Management".

More information about the programs can be found on the FEFU website. Experts will answer additional questions by phone: 8 (423) 265-24-24 (ext. 2400), e-mail: odpo.gum@dvfu.ru or at the address: FEFU campus, building F, office F717.