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Dec 13, 2017 - International cooperation
Lee Sang-kyun, Korean eminent personality, became Honorary Doctor of FEFU Law School

Lee Sang-kyun, Shinil Educational Foundation Board Chairman (Republic of Korea), was awarded an Honorary Doctorate Degree of the Far Eastern Federal University School of Law. Cooperation with the outstanding scholar, educator, and cultural influencer will contribute to the development of legal aspects of information technology at FEFU and the creation of a new IT law and cyber security academic program.

At the awarding ceremony, Vladimir Kurilov, J.S.D., LL.D., FEFU Academic Supervisor, Director of the School of Law, pointed out that Lee Sang-kyun brightly manifested himself at the international level as a businessman, scholar, philanthropist, and public figure, and now will be able to contribute to the development of FEFU partnerships with the universities of the Asia-Pacific region.

“FEFU is focused on the development of cooperation in the field of information technology. We think about what place Big Data, artificial intelligence, digital economy, and the many things that in 4-5 years will be a part of everyday life, will take in education. I am sure that joining the FEFU team by Dr. Lee Sang-kyun will become a new stage in the development of our relations with Seoul Cyber University. With its help, we plan to develop the Cyber Security Law academic program for studying legal aspects in the field of computer security,” said Vladimir Kurilov.

“I know about the high level of the FEFU School of Law, and it is an honor for me to receive an honorary doctorate at this famous university. Conferring such an honorary title means for me the wish that I work more actively. I will try to do everything possible to strengthen our relations, for the university that has become a family for me,” Lee Sang-kyun promised.

The FEFU students participated at the awarding ceremony. Together with the faculty, they listened to Lee Sang-kyun's lecture on Legal Education in the Republic of Korea, from which they learned about the history and features of modern law in the country.

Lee Sang-kyun is involved in a large number of cultural projects. The Journalists' Association of Korea named Lee Sang-kyun as the Person of the Year 2016 in Education. Shinil Educational Foundation, headed by him, supports Seoul Cyber University (SCU). It is the leading cyber university, whose programs are developed with the active support of the Government of the Republic of Korea and contribute to the establishment of an online learning system in the countries of South-East Asia.