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Mar 14, 2017 - International cooperation
Twenty years of weekly teleconferences link students from FEFU and University of Wisconsin–Madison

Law schools of Far Eastern Federal University and the University of Wisconsin-Madison (U.S.) opened a joint online training course for the 20th time. This year, the program Contemporary Issues of International Law and International Business in the Asia-Pacific Countries brought together about 30 students from Russia, the United States, and China.

“The joint program with the University of Wisconsin-Madison has been going on continuously for 20 years and is very popular among faculty and students. Thanks to such cooperation, about 40 of our professors have completed placements in the United States over the years,” said Vladimir Kurilov, Director of the FEFU School of Law, and Vice President for International Relations.

Each year, participants of online courses discover the most topical issues of the international legal life of the region. At the opening of the jubilee series of meetings, Professor of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Christopher Smitka told about the policy of the new US administration in East Asia, and students made presentations about Japan and Myanmar. The participants were also welcomed by John Ohnesorge, Director for East Asian Legal Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Law School.

On subsequent weekly sessions in March and April, the US party will deliver reports on the current state of the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Republic of Korea, and the China's role in East Asia. FEFU students will talk about the benefits of doing business in Russia, the legal aspects of the activities of free economic zones and territories of advanced development. Upon completion of the course, the participants will receive certificates from two universities.

Today, the FEFU School of Law is the absolute leader in the East of the country in training personnel of all levels and ranks among the best in Russia. The history of continuing legal education in the Far East goes back to 1958.