24 May 2017
FEFU students learned about intricacies of advertising from masters of Japanese PR

Representatives of one of the world largest advertising agencies introduce students of Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) to the features of the modern advertising business. Shinji Muto, Director for Strategic Development, Dentsu Inc. (Tokyo, Japan), and Yosuke Murai, network marketing expert, hold classes on the latest technologies in advertising and PR. Lectures and master classes have been organized as part of the FEFU Visiting Professors Program.

“The invited lecturers are world-class practitioners. Dentsu Inc. ranks fifth among the largest advertising holdings of the world, it works with such giants as Sony, Toyota, Subaru and is engaged in advertising support of the FIFA World Cup. Undoubtedly, their professional experience will be very useful for students,” said Veronika Kazakova, Director of the Communications and Media Department at the FEFU School of Humanities.

In class, the experts describe the current trends in marketing, advertising and branding in PR, share advertising campaign planning methods, explain the impact of innovations and digital technologies on the industry, the essence of the transition from advertising to content-based business. The visit of invited lecturers is also an opportunity to familiarize with the latest advances of Japanese advertising, which is known all over the world for its technological level.

“Initially, an advertising campaign meant the production and retransmission of advertising. Currently, manufacturers are involved in advertising at the product development stage, engage in marketing research, take into account recommendations on what products to produce, and how to offer them to consumers. That is, the emphasis shifts from the promotion of goods to the creation and implementation of complex business projects,” said Shinji Muto.

Anyone can learn about the intricacies of the advertising industry from the masters of Japanese PR at FEFU. Lectures and master-classes of invited speakers will be held until May 26 inclusive: Shinji Muto, Yosuke Murai.

Visiting Professors Program has been implemented at Far Eastern Federal University since 2012 and every year attracts more and more participants from all over the world.  In 2016, 216 visiting lecturers gave lectures to the FEFU students, whereas a year earlier 151 persons participated in the Program. Recognized experts in various areas visited the university within the framework of the Development Program and Competitiveness Enhancement Program under the 5top100 Project.