The School develops educational programs in medicine, biomedicine, pharmacy, biotechnical systems, nutritional and biological technologies. It strives to introduce the achievements of fundamental sciences into practical medicine, to develop translational medicine technologies, and to educate future leading specialists of biomedicine.
Since 2012, the School has provided a Masters Degree in Food and Beverage Science. It is taught entirely in English to mixed classes of Russian and international students. The program is focused on the biotechnology of alcoholic beverages and soft drinks. It involves enhanced study of the fundamentals of drink biotechnology, including biochemical, physical-chemical and electrochemical processes as well as the methods of their regulation. This degree includes the study of composition and properties of feedstock, modern methods of its processing, processes for basic and auxiliary products to manufacture various types of wine, brandy, liqueur, beer, and soft drinks, as well as the analyzing the creation of new kinds of beverages, methods of assessing their quality and safety, and their production organization and management. 
Using the herbs of the Far Eastern region for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage production is studied. Graduates of this program can work in national and international food industries related to quality assurance and control, process control and product development. The program also provides the competence required to undertake independent activities within public food control, administration and guidance on food policy, and to participate in scientific development work.

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