FEFU Medical Center: the most advanced in Russia

The School of Biomedicine is supervising preparation of the world class FEFU Medical Center, which will become a School's subdivision. Construction of the Medical Center facilities and installing its equipment has been recently finished. The Center includes a clinic with the medical equipment supplied by the leading companies in this field: Siemens, Philips and others.

The Center will provide specialized high tech medical diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation services for people of the Russian Far East and other countries.

The Clinic includes 11 medical departments, specializing in neurology and neurosurgery, traumatology, orthopedics, endoprosthetic replacement and reconstructive surgery, otolaryngology; uronephrology, surgery, therapy, rehabilitation, interventional cardiology, child health, women's health, resuscitation and intensive care.

The other subdivisions of the Clinic include policlinics for adult and children and a hospital with 200 beds. This hospital will have several sections: surgical, pediatric, therapeutic, day care, and intensive care. Each section provides single and double comfortable rooms. A rehabilitation center with a 100 room hotel will be an integral part of the clinic.

The Surgery Section of the Center includes seven modern operating rooms. A unique surgery robot has been already installed in one of them. This robot, DAVINCI, can be remotely operated by a surgeon.

The specialized operating rooms are equipped for cardiac surgery, X-ray controlled vascular, cardio and neuron-manipulations, trauma surgery and neurosurgical procedures, and emergency shock.treatment/

Diagnostics for patients will be conducted by the Center for Functional Diagnostics and Endoscopy, Center for Laboratory Diagnostics and Radiology Center, including Positron-Emoission Tomography (PET), Computer-Aided Tomography (CAT-scanner), and 3t MRI scanner.

This Clinic will employ about 200 high qualified doctors. Some of them are invited from the other regions of Russia and from abroad.

During the first years since opening the FEFU Medical Center will be supervised by a foreign company to raise the diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation in this Center to the level of the best clinics worldwide. Several American and South Korean leading companies have already shown their interest in administering the Clinic, the final choice will be made based on open competition.

Research in biomedicine will be an important function of the Center. The School of Biomedicine will develop and implement new technologies of diagnostics and treatment, and train the personnel for the Clinics.