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Title Authors Submitted by
 5 Problems and Optimization Algorithms of Schedules of Parallel-Serial Systems with Undefined Service Routs   
Yurii A Mezentsev and Igor Estraykh Yurii A Mezentsev mesyan(at)yandex.ru
 6 Parallel Newton's Methods for Numerical Analysis of Improper Linear Programming Problems  with Block-Angular Structure of Constraints Leonid D. Popov Leonid D. Popov popld(at)imm.uran.ru
 7      Managing Production Quantity and End-of-Use Acquisition Effort Decisions Jen-Ming Chen and Chia-I Chang  Jen-Ming Chen jmchen(at)mgt.ncu.edu.tw
 8      An Application of Speed Gradient Method to Neural Network Control for Underwater Robot Alexander Dyda, Dmitry Oskin and Pavel Dyda
Dmitry Oskin daoskin(at)mail.ru
 9    About Local Optimum of the Weber Problem on Line with Forbidden Gaps
Gennady Zabudsky Speaker and Natalia Veremchuk  Veremchuk Natalia n-veremchuk(at)rambler.ru
Efim Bronshtein and Arvid Davletbaev  Arvid Davletbaev Arvid_NF(at)mail.ru
 14    BAYESIAN MODELS IN CHEMICAL RESEARCH      Alexander Osipov and Veronika P. Trushina  Alexander Osipov alosip(at)mail.ru   
 16 ОПТИМИЗАЦИЯ АССОРТИМЕНТА ХИМИЧЕСКИХ СРЕДСТВ ЗАЩИТЫ РАСТЕНИЙ  Alexander Osipov and Veronika P. Trushina  Alexander Osipov alosip(at)mail.ru
 18 MARKOV PROCESSES IN MODELING LIFE CYCLE OF ECONOMIC CLUSTERS  Galina Bouš, Oksana Kulikova, Svetlana Neiman and Vitaly Shamis  Vitaly Shamis Vitaliy1999(at)mail.ru
 19 Selection of the Optimal Parameters of the Process for Thermal Laser Treatment of  Metals for Creating the Molten Pool with a Required Depth  Marina Polonik and Olga V. Dudko  Marina Polonik polonik(at)mail.ru
 20 Решение контактной задачи теории упругости на основе итеративной проксимальной регуляризации модифицированного функционала Лагранжа  Robert Namm and George Tsoy  George Tsoy tsoy.dv(at)mail.ru
 24 Reduction of the graph isomorphism problem to equality checking of n-variables polynomials and the algorithms that use the reduction  Alexander Prolubnikov  Alexander Prolubnikov a.v.prolubnikov(at)mail.ru
 25 Optimal Control for Radiative Heat Transfer Model with Monotonic Cost Functionals  Gleb Grenkin and Alexander Chebotarev  Gleb Grenkin glebgrenkin(at)gmail.com
 26 An Algorithm for Estimating the ICA Model Based on the Halley’s Method  Doru Constantin  Constantin Doru cdomanid(at)yahoo.com   
 27    Entropy Generation as a Practical Tool for Optimization Eyring-Powell Nanofluid Flow through a Permeable Stretching Surface   Muhammad Mubashir Bhatti and Mohammad Mehdi Rashidi  Muhammad Mubashir Bhatti mubashirme(at)yahoo.com
 28 Modeling the Goodness-of-Fit Test Based on the Interval Estimation of the Probability Distribution Function  Evgeny Kuleshov, Konstantin Petrov and Tatiana Kirillova  Konstantin Petrov petroff.cat(at)gmail.com   
 29 Methods operations research in logistics management of road construction Tat’yana Kulagovskaya, Anna Ter-Grigor’yants, Anna Babich and Irina Solovyova  Tatiana Kulagovskaya kulagovskaya(at)mail.ru
 30 Using Graph Model to Analyze the Topological Vulnerability of Transport Infrastructure  Maxim Anop  Maxim Anop manop(at)iacp.dvo.ru
 31 Handling Scheduling Problems with Controllable Parameters by Methods of Submodular Optimization  Vitaly Strusevich, Akiyoshi Shioura and Natalia Shakhlevich  Vitaly Strusevich sv02(at)gre.ac.uk
 32 Моделирование структурных изменений в лесопромышленном комплексе региона
Elena Oleinik  Elena Oleinik oleinik.elena(at)gmail.com
 33 A Review on Network Robustness from an Information Theory Perspective  Tiago Schieber, Martín Ravetti and Panos Pardalos  Tiago Schieber tischieber(at)gmail.com   
 34 Migration processes modeling with cellular automation  Yuriy Shmidt, Natalia Ivashina, Galina Ozerova and Paul Lobodin  Yuriy Shmidt syd(at)dvfu.ru   
 35 The p-median problem with order for two-source clustering  Xenia Klimentova, Anton Ushakov and Igor Vasilyev  Igor Vasilyev vil(at)icc.ru   
 36 A Two-Pass Algorithm for Unordered Colored Bin Packing  Ananya Christman, Hamza Alsarhan, Davin Chia, Shannia Fu and Yanfeng Jin  Ananya Christman achristman(at)middlebury.edu
 37 A brand equity evaluation method based on prospect theory and intuitionistic trapezoidal fuzzy number  Zhong Wang, Shuping Zhao, Zhiping Zhou, Jun Pei and Panos Pardalos  Pei Jun feiyijun198612(at)126.com   
 39 On a local search for hexamatrix games  Andrei Orlov and Alexander Strekalovsky  Andrei Orlov anor(at)icc.ru
 40 On a Quadratic Euclidean Problem of Vector Subset Choice: Complexity and Algorithmic Approach  Anton Eremeev, Alexander Kelmanov and Artem Pyatkin  Artem Pyatkin artempyatkin(at)gmail.com
 41 О существовании иммиграционно состоятельного деления на страны многомерной области  Valeriy Marakulin  Valeriy Marakulin marakulv(at)gmail.com
 42 Dual Greedy Algorithm for Conic Optimization Problem  Sergei Sidorov, Sergei Mironov and Michael Pleshakov  Sergei Sidorov sidorovsp(at)yahoo.com   
 44 WalkSAT Based-Learning Automata For MAX-SAT  Noureddine Bouhmala  Noureddine Bouhmala Noureddine.Bouhmala(at)hbv.no
 45 On Strong Accessibility of the Core of TU Cooperative Game
Valery Vasilev  Valery Vasilev vasilev(at)math.nsc.ru   
 46 Variable Neighborhood Search-Based Heuristics for Min-Power Symmetric Connectivity Problem in Wireless Networks  Roman Plotnikov, Adil Erzin and Nenad Mladenovic  Roman Plotnikov nomad87(at)ngs.ru
 47 Genetic Algorithm and Artificial bee colony algorithm Optimization for Optimization of Thermal Energy of Combined Power Plant Cycle  Mohammad Mehdi Rashidi, Abbas Aghagoli and Reza Raoofi  Abbas Aghagoli bs_aghagoli(at)yahoo.com
 48 Convergence of solutions of an optimal control problem for SP1 and Rosseland approximations  Andrei Sushchenko, Tatiana Park, René Pinnau and Oliver Tse  Andrei Sushchenko sushchenko.aa(at)dvfu.ru
 49 Runtime Analysis of Genetic Algorithms with Very High Selection Pressure  Anton Eremeev  Anton Eremeev eremeevtmp(at)yandex.ru
 50 An Exact Pseudopolynomial Algorithm for a Problem of Finding a Family of Disjoint Subsets  Alexandr Galashov and Alexander Kelmanov  Alexandr Galashov galashov.alexandr(at)gmail.com
 51 On One Optimal Control Problem in Economics  Alexey Zakharov  Alexey Zakharov zakh.alexey(at)gmail.com
 52 Iterative Approach for Piecewise Linear Exchange Model  Vadim I. Shmyrev  Vadim I. Shmyrev shmyrev.vadim(at)mail.ru 
 53 Optimization Iterative Procedure for Radiative-Conductive Heat Transfer Model  Alexander Chebotarev, Andrey Kovtanyuk and Veronika Pestretsova  Veronika Pestretsova kvanego(at)mail.ru 
 54 Public-Private Partnership Models for the Russian Mineral Resource Complex  Sergey Lavlinskii  Sergey Lavlinskii lavlin(at)math.nsc.ru 
 55 The Curvilinear Search Algorithm for Solving Three-Person Game  Rentsen Enkhbat, Natsagdorj Tungalag, Aleksander Gornov and Anton Anikin  Anton Anikin anton.anikin(at)htower.ru 
 56 Prediction-control problem for degenerate evolution equations of fractional order
Vladimir Fedorov and Natalia Ivanova  Vladimir Fedorov kar(at)csu.ru
 57 A modified three-stage random search algorithms to optimize the performance reserve, using multi-core systems  Yaroslava Katueva and Vladislav Michalishuk  Yaroslava Katueva gloria(at)iacp.dvo.ru
 58 Fully Polynomial-Time Approximation Scheme for a Special Case of a Balanced 2-Clustering Problem  Alexander Kelmanov and Anna Motkova  Anna Motkova anitamo(at)mail.ru   
 59 An approximation algorithm for a problem of partitioning a sequence into clusters with restrictions on their cardinalities  Alexander Kelmanov, Ludmila Mikhailova, Sergey Khamidullin and Vladimir Khandeev  Vladimir Khandeev khandeev(at)math.nsc.ru
 60 Degenerate distributed  control systems with fractional time derivative  Marina Plekhanova  Marina Plekhanova mariner79(at)mail.ru   
 61 Application of Supply Function Equilibrium Model to describe the Interaction of Generation Companies on the Electricity Market  Natalia Aizenberg  Natalia Aizenberg ayzenberg.nata(at)gmail.com 
 62 Application of active set method for soft sensor model identification of crude oil
distillation process 
Anton Goncharov and Andrey Torgashov  Anton Goncharov antal(at)gmail.ru   
 63 A Minimization Algorithm with Embedding an Epigraph of the Objective Function and a Constraint Set Igor Zabotin, Oksana Shulgina and Rashid Yarullin  Rashid Yarullin yarullinrs(at)gmail.com   
 64 Facility location in unfair competition  Vladimir Beresnev and Andrey Melnikov  Andrey Melnikov a.a.melnikov(at)hotmail.com 
 65 Upper bound for the competitive facility location problem with quantile criterion  Vladimir Beresnev and Andrey Melnikov  Andrey Melnikov a.a.melnikov(at)hotmail.com
 66 Mixed Integer Programming Approach to Multiprocessor Job Scheduling with Setup Times  Anton Eremeev and Yulia Kovalenko  Anton Eremeev eremeevtmp(at)yandex.ru 

Мультиагентное решение методом аукционов многопродуктовой транcпортной задачи с объединенными потребностями 

Андрей Такмазьян and Александр Шелудяков  Andrey Takmazian takmazian(at)gmail.com 
 68 On the Accuracy of Statistical Estimations of SAT Partitionings Effectiveness in Application to Discrete Function Inversion Problems  Alexander Semenov and Oleg Zaikin  Oleg Zaikin zaikin.icc(at)gmail.com 
 69 On the Parameter Control of the Residual Method for the Correction of Improper Problems of Convex Programming  Vladimir D. Skarin  Vladimir D. Skarin skavd(at)imm.uran.ru 
 70 Об алгоритмической разрешимости универсальных теорий графов и матроидов  Artyom Il'Ev and Victor Il'Ev  Artyom Il'Ev artyom_iljev(at)mail.ru 
 71 A scheme of independent calculations in a precedence constrained routing problem  Alexander Chentsov and Alexey Grigoryev  Alexander Chentsov chentsov(at)imm.uran.ru 
 72 Genetic Local Search for the Servers Load Balancing Problem  Yuri Kochetov, Artem Panin and Alexander Plyasunov  Artem Panin arteam1897(at)gmail.com 
 73 Estimation of Parameters Discrete Signals and Interference in Telecommunication Systems Using Correlation Methods  Yuriy Kropotov  Yuriy Kropotov kaf-eivt(at)yandex.ru 
 74 Methods assessment the probability density of discrete signals in telecommunications  Yuriy Kropotov and Aleksey Belov  Yuriy Kropotov kaf-eivt(at)yandex.ru 
 75 A Leader-Follower Hub Location Problem under Fixed Markups  Dimitrije Čvokić, Yury Kochetov and Aleksandr Plyasunov  Dimitrije D. Čvokić dimitriye.chwokitch(at)yahoo.com 
 76 Cluster Ensemble with Averaged Co-Association Matrix Maximizing the Expected Margin  Vladimir Berikov  Vladimir Berikov berikov(at)math.nsc.ru 
 77 Интеллектуальный скрининг при диагностике и лечении  онкологических заболеваний  Vladimir Belenkiy and Наталья Бахтадзе  Vladimir Belenkiy av35740(at)akado.ru 
 78 Parallel-Machine Scheduling with Conflict Graphs to Minimize the Makespan  Huai-Che Hong and Bertrand M.T. Lin  Bertrand M.T. Lin bmtlin(at)mail.nctu.edu.tw 
 79 A Local Search k-Approximation for a Graph Clustering Problem Victor Il'Ev and Anna Navrotskaya  Anna Navrotskaya nawrocki(at)ya.ru   
 80 Models of texts in natural languages and their collections for information retrieval, aggregation and evaluation
Mikhail G. Kreines and Elena M. Kreines  Kreines Elena elena_msu(at)mail.ru
 81 Application of Unrelated Parallel Machines Scheduling under Availability and Resource Constraints to Arrangement of Oil and Gas Field  Yurii A Mezentsev and Tatiana V Avdeenko  Yurii A Mezentsev mesyan(at)yandex.ru 
 82 On the facets of combinatorial polytopes  Ruslan Simanchev and Inna Urazova  Ruslan Simanchev osiman(at)rambler.ru
 83 Packing Problems of Subsets  Yen-Shing Tsai and Bertrand M.T. Lin  Bertrand M.T. Lin bmtlin(at)mail.nctu.edu.tw 
 84 Optimal Control Algorithm for Complex Heat Transfer Model  Alexander Chebotarev, Gleb Grenkin and Andrey Kovtanyuk  Andrey Kovtanyuk kovtanyuk.ae(at)dvfu.ru
 85 Convergence of Discrete Approximations of Stochastic Programming Problems with Probabilistic Criteria  Andrey Kibzun and Sergey Ivanov  Sergey Ivanov sergeyivanov89(at)mail.ru
 86 Location, pricing and the problem of Apollonius  Andre Berger, Alexander Grigoriev, Artem Panin and Andrej Winokurow  Alexander Grigoriev a.grigoriev(at)maastrichtuniversity.nl
 87 Initial Boundary Value Problem for Two--phase Buckley--Leverett's Model: Integrability, Singularities and Shock Waves  Atlas Akhmetzyanov, Alexei Kushner and Valentin Lychagin  Alexei Kushner kushner(at)physics.msu.ru
 88 Robust Image Watermarking Technique Based on Genetic Algorithm Optimization and  Even Odd Modulation   Alexander Bahrushin, Galina Bahrushina, Ruslan Bazhenov, Kiseon Kim and Rudolf Tsoy  Alexander Bahrushin stripylife(at)yahoo.com 
 89 Interregional Transportation Modeling for the Far East of Russia Macro-region  Andrey Velichko and Andrey Velichko  Andrey Velichko vandre69(at)yahoo.com 
 90 Interregional Transportation Modeling for the Far East of Russia Macro-region  Andrey Velichko and Andrey Velichko  Andrey Velichko vandre(at)dvo.ru 
 91 Software System for Interactive Simulation of Interregional Trade  Andrey Velichko, Valeriya Gribova and Leonid Fedorishchev  Andrey Velichko vandre(at)dvo.ru
 92 On Asymptotically Optimal Approach for the m-Peripatetic Salesman Problem on Random Inputs  Edward Kh. Gimadi, Alexey Istomin and Oxana Tsidulko  Oxana Tsidulko tsidulko.ox(at)gmail.com
 93 Scheduling of two parallel machines with linear decreasing time slot costs to minimize total weighted completion time  Alexander Kononov and Irina Lushchakova  Alexander Kononov alvenko(at)math.nsc.ru
 94 Short Survey On Minimization Graph Correlation Clustering  Victor Il'Ev, Svetlana Il'Eva and Alexander Kononov  Victor Il'Ev iljev(at)mail.ru

Алгоритм реализации сетевой стохастической модели ресурсного мегапроекта

Nina Plyaskina  Nina Plyaskina pliaskina(at)hotmail.com 
 96 Efficient randomized algorithm for a vector subset problem  Edward Kh. Gimadi and Ivan A. Rykov  Ivan A. Rykov rykovweb(at)gmail.com
 97 The development of combined numerical optimization algorithms of the modular structure of objects  Yakov Lvovich, Igor Lvovich, Oleg Choporov, Semyon Scherbatyh and Andrey Preobrazhenskiy  Andrey Preobrazhenskiy app(at)vivt.ru
 98 Stochastic Optimal Growth Model with S-Shaped Utility Function  Sergei Mironov, Sergei Sidorov, Alexey Faizliev and Alexandre Gusev  Sergei Sidorov sidorovsp(at)yahoo.com
 99 Optimal Multi-Robot Path Finding Algorithm Based on A*  A.V. Erohin and V.A. Gorelik  Alexander Erohin erohin_a_v(at)mail.ru 
 100 Fully polynomial-time approximation scheme for a problem of finding a subsequence 

Alexander Kel'Manov, Semyon Romanchenko and Sergey Khamidullin 

Semyon Romanchenko rsm(at)math.nsc.ru
 101 Separation problem for k-parashuties  Inna Urazova and Ruslan Simanchev  Inna Urazova urazovainn(at)mail.ru
 102 The General Multimodal Network Equilibrium Problem with Elastic Balanced Demand  Natalia Shamray  Natalia Shamray shamray(at)dvo.ru
 103 Variational Genetic Algorithm for NP-hard Problems  Elizaveta Shmalko and Askhat Diveev  Elizaveta Shmalko e.shmalko(at)gmail.com
 104 Approximating Coupled-Task Scheduling Problems with Equal Exact Delays  Alexander Ageev and Mikhail Ivanov  Alexander Ageev alexander.a.ageev(at)gmail.com

PTAS for the Euclidean Capacitated Vehicle Routing Problem in Rd 

Michael Khachay and Roman Dubinin  Michael Khachay mkhachay(at)imm.uran.ru
 106 Technique of Decision-making in the Intelligent  Driving Onboard System  Natalia Bakhtadze, Larissa Dmitrenko, Georgy Vorobyev and Vladimir Lototsky  Natalia Bakhtadze sung7(at)yandex.ru
 107 Approximation Algorithms for the Two-Machine Flow Shop Problem with Minimum Delays  Alexander Ageev and Alexei Baburin  Alexander Ageev alexander.a.ageev(at)gmail.com
 108 Primal-dual method for searching equilibrium in hierarchical congestion population games  Alexander Gasnikov, Evgenia Gasnikova, Sergey Matsievsky and Inna Usik  Sergey Matsievsky matsievsky(at)newmail.ru
 109 Численное решение задачи об одностороннем контакте упругих тел с использованием модифицированных функционалов Лагранжа  Alexander Zhiltsov  Zhiltsov Alexander egrevid(at)gmail.com
 110 Modeling of Urban Traffic Flows Using the Concept of Multilayer Graph by Methods of Game Theory  Anastasiya Ivanova and Alexey Kovalenko  Anastasiya Ivanova adi.hudojnik(at)gmail.com
 111 One Method for constructing Pareto-optimal Nash Equilibriums  Konstantin Kudryavtsev, Vladislav Zhukovskiy and Irina Stabulit  Konstantin Kudryavtsev kudrkn(at)gmail.com
 112 Single Machine Inserted Idle Time Scheduling with Release Times and Due Dates  Natalia Grigoreva  Natalya Grigoryeva N.S.grig(at)gmail.com 
 113 Routing open shop with unrelated travel times  Ilya Chernykh  Ilya Chernykh idchern(at)gmail.com 
 114 Extended Separating Plane Algorithm and NSO-Solutions of PageRank Problem  Evgeniya Vorontsova  Evgeniya Vorontsova vorontsovaea(at)gmail.com
 115 Modified Duality Method for Obstacle Problem  Vikhtenko Elina  Ellina Vikhtenko vikht.el(at)gmail.com
 116 On Speed Scaling Scheduling of Parallel Jobs with Preemption  Yulia Kovalenko and Alexander Kononov  Julia Kovalenko julia.kovalenko.ya(at)yandex.ru
 117 A projection-type algorithm for linear programming using line and zonotope intersection  Max Demenkov  Max Demenkov max.demenkov(at)gmail.com
 118 On Merit and Penalty Functions for D.C. Optimization  Alexander Strekalovskiy  Alexander Strekalovskiy strekal(at)icc.ru
 119 Combinations of the Greedy Heuristic Method for Clustering Problems and Local Search Algorithms   Lev Kazakovtsev and Alexander Antamoshkin  Lev Kazakovtsev levk(at)bk.ru
 120 Multiple cuts in separating plane algorithms  Evgeni Nurminski  conference chair
 121 Optimization in nonlinear models of mass transfer  Roman Brizitskii and Zhanna Saritskaya  Zhanna Saritskaya zhsar(at)icloud.com
 122 Computational complexity of guarding proximity graphs  Konstantin Kobylkin  Konstantin Kobylkin kobylkinks(at)gmail.com 
 123 The 2-Machine Routing Open Shop on a Triangular Transportation Network  Ilya Chernykh and Ekaterina Lgotina  Ilya Chernykh idchern(at)gmail.com
 124 A Robust Leaky-LMS Algorithm for Sparse System Identification  Cemil Turan and Yedilkhan Amirgaliev  Cemil Turan cemil.turan(at)sdu.edu.kz
 125 Fuzzy Prediction of Product Quality of Converter Production  Yuri Kudinov, Ivan Kudinov, Irina Durgaryan, Alexander Pashchenko and Fedor Pashchenko Alexander Pashchenko paschenko_alex(at)mail.ru
 126 Numerical Simulation of Chemical Enhanced Oil Recovery Processes  Bakhbergen Bekbauov, Abdumauvlen Berdyshev and Zharasbek Baishemirov  Zharasbek Baishemirov zbai.kz(at)gmail.com 
 127 Optimization and Discretization in 2D Problems of Electromagnetic Invisible Cloaking  Gennady Alekseev, Aleksey Lobanov and Yuliya Spivak  Gennady Alekseev alekseev(at)iam.dvo.ru 
 128 Predictive Model’s Development  Based on the Wavelet Analysis Technique  Natalia Bakhtadze, Ekaterina Sakrutina and Evgeny Maximov  Natalia Bakhtadze sung7(at)yandex.ru
 129 Modified Simplex Imbeddings Method in Particular Cases of Convex Non-differentiable Optimization  Anton Kolosnitcyn  Anton Kolosnitcyn bruk777(at)gmail.com
 130 Mathematical Models of Unsteady Flow Distribution in Gas Transport Systems  Atlas Akhmetzyanov and Anton Salnikov  Atlas Akhmetzyanov atlaswa(at)gmail.com
 131 Optimization of Structural Parameters of Cement Composites with High Wear Resistance  Marina Polonik and Natalya V. Makarova  Marina Polonik polonik(at)mail.ru 
 132 Discrete Optimization Models for Solving Complex Products Design Problems  Alexander Kolokolov, Alexandra Artemova, Alexander Adelshin and Irina Kan  Alexander Adelshin adelshin(at)mail.ru 
 133 The Band Collocation Problem: A Library of Problems and A Metaheuristic Approach  Hakan Kutucu, Arif Gursoy, Mehmet Kurt and Urfat Nuriyev  Hakan Kutucu hakankutucu(at)karabuk.edu.tr 
 134 On the Equivalence of Optimality Principles in the Two-Criteria Problem of the Investment Portfolio Choice  Victor Gorelik and Tatiana Zolotova  Tatiana Zolotova tgold11(at)mail.ru 
 135 Application of Iterative Hill Climbing to the Sound Speed Profile Inversion in Underwater Acoustics  Oleg Zaikin and Pavel Petrov  Oleg Zaikin zaikin.icc(at)gmail.com
 136 Precedence-constrained scheduling problems parameterized by partial order width  René Van Bevern, Robert Bredereck, Laurent Bulteau, Christian Komusiewicz, Nimrod Talmon and Gerhard J. Woeginger  René Van Bevern rvb(at)nsu.ru
 137 A Fuzzy Model of the Problem of Optimal Placement and Integration of Oshore Oil and Gas Platforms  Elnur Nuri, Fidan Nuriyeva and Efendi Nasiboglu  Fidan Nuriyeva nuriyevafidan(at)gmail.com
 138 Generalized Mirror Descents with Non-Convex Potential Functions in Atomic Congestion Games  Po-An Chen  Po-An Chen poanch(at)gmail.com 
 139 Problem of Projection the Origin of Euclidean space onto the Convex polyhedron  Zulfiya Gabidullina  Zulfiya Gabidullina zgabid(at)mail.ru 
 140 An Algorithm with Approximation Ratio 5/6 for the Metric m-PSP on Maximum  Aleksey Glebov - Speaker and Anastasiya Gordeeva  Aleksey Glebov anglemob1973(at)mail.ru
 141 Chain store against manufacturers: regulation can mitigate market distortion  Igor Bykadorov, Andrea Ellero, Stefania Funari, Sergey Kokovin and Marina Pudova  Igor Bykadorov bykadorov.igor(at)mail.ru
 142 Dual Model of Power Market with Generation and Line Capacity Expansion  Svetlana Gakh  Svetlana Gakh svetagah(at)@inbox.ru 
 143 Combining Learning Automata with the multilevel paradigm for  Max-SAT  Noureddine Bouhmala  Noureddine Bouhmala Noureddine.Bouhmala(at)hbv.no 
 144 About formulations and software implementation of some of the financial management tasks and barter transactions  Edward Gimadi, Evgenii Goncharov and Valentin Leonov  Evgenii Goncharov gon(at)math.nsc.ru 
 145 Probabilistic analysis of the algorithm for solving facility location problem on unbounded above random instances  Edward Kh. Gimadi and Elena A. Nagornaya  Elena Nagornaya nitem91(at)ya.ru 
 146 Tabu search approach for the bi-level competitive base station location problem  Ivan Davydov, Marceau Coupechoux and Stefano Iellamo  Ivan Davydov Vann.davydov(at)gmail.com 
 147 Quality and Entry Deterrence on Two-sided Market Platform  Ning-Yao Pai and Yung-Ming Li  Yung-Ming Li yml(at)mail.nctu.edu.tw 
 148 A Variant of the Multi-Step Bundle Method  Rashid Yarullin  Rashid Yarullin yarullinrs(at)gmail.com 
 149 Optimization problems in the representation and data processing   Boris Dobronets and Olga Popova  Boris Dobronets BDobronets(at)yandex.ru 
 150 One-dimensional Cutting Stock Problem with Divisible Items  Deniz Tanir, Onur Ugurlu, Asli Guler and Urfat Nuriyev  Onur Ugurlu onur__ugurlu(at)hotmail.com
 151 Bilevel Programming Problem with Quantile Follower's Objective Function  Sergey Ivanov and Vera Korbulakova  Sergey Ivanov sergeyivanov89(at)mail.ru 
 152 Variable Neighborhood Search Approach for the Location and Design Problem  Tatyana Levanova and Alexander Gnusarev  Tatyana Levanova levanova(at)ofim.oscsbras.ru
 153 Discrete Optimization of Unsteady Fluid Flows  Dmitry Tereshko  Dmitry Tereshko ter(at)iam.dvo.ru 
 154 On algorithm for the minimum spanning trees problem with diameter bounded below  Edward Kh. Gimadi, Alexey Istomin and Ekaterina Shin  Alexey Istomin alexeyistomin(at)gmail.com 
 155 $AOE$-Trails Constructing for a Plane Connected 4-Regular Graph  Tatyana Makarovskikh and Anatoly Panyukov  Tatyana Makarovskikh kwark(at)mail.ru 
 156 Explicit univariate global optimization with piecewise linear support functions  Oleg Khamisov  Oleg Khamisov globopt(at)mail.ru 
 157 Fast Primal-Dual Gradient Method for Strongly Convex Minimization Problems with Linear Constraints  Alexey Chernov, Pavel Dvurechensky and Alexender Gasnikov  Pavel Dvurechensky pavel.dvurechensky(at)gmail.com 
 158 Computational complexity of guarding of proximity graphs  Konstantin Kobylkin  Konstantin Kobylkin kobylkinks(at)gmail.com
 159 Clustering Analysis of the Formulas of N-valued Logic Based on New Distances and Measures of Uncertainty  Alexander Vikent'Ev and Mikhail Avilov  Mikhail Avilov msa.easychair(at)gmail.com
 160 Approximation Algorithms for Generalized TSP in Grid Clusters  Michael Khachay and Katherine Neznakhina  Ekaterina Neznakhina eneznakhina(at)yandex.ru 
 161 Decision Support Systems for Large-Scale Productions Fedor Pashchenko, Alexander Pashchenko, Irina Durgaryan and Yuri Kudinov  Alexander Pashchenko paschenko_alex(at)mail.ru
 162 $P_q$-K\"onig extended forests and cycles  Dmitry Mokeev  Dmitry Mokeev MokeevDB(at)gmail.com 
 163 Модель прогнозирования временных рядов на трехслойном персептроне в информационной системе мониторинга.  Alexander Proskuryakov  Alexander Proskuryakov alexander.prosk.murom(at)gmail.com 
 164 Search of Nash Equilibrium in Quadratic n-person Game  Ilya Minarchenko  Ilya Minarchenko sla669(at)gmail.com 
 165 Numerical "rigid" and "soft" methods of unconstrained polyhedral optimization  Nikolay Filimonov  Nikolay Filimonov nbfilimonov(at)yandex.ru 
 166 Matrix correction of dual pair of linear programming problems, minimal on Euclidean norm  Vladimir Erohin, Alexander Krasnikov and Mikhail Khvostov  Alexander Krasnikov askrasnikov(at)gmail.com 
 167 HITS algorithm: practical ranking stability  Nalan Bastürk, Alexander Grigoriev and Andrey Kateshov  Andrey Kateshov andrey.kateshov(at)gmail.com 
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