28 июня 2017
Call for participation: 4-day international workshop “The Hive of Science for Bees”

Dates: 09 – 13 October 2017
Venue:  Pôle Ecotox
Cours Emilie du Chatelet
F-26300 Alixan, France

The Hive of Science for Bees is a 4-day international workshop designed by the Rovaltain Foundation to address the multifactorial aspects of pollinator decline. Several causes have been cited to explain the erosion of pollinating insect populations, including parasitism, malnutrition, loss of habitats, and chemical or climatic causes. However, it is still unknown how these different factors combine and interact in the observed erosion of pollinating insect populations. To encompass the multifactorial aspects of the issue, it is thus crucial to address it in a synergistic way through the consideration of complementary approaches.

This is the goal of the Hive of Science for Bees. During 4 days, 10 worldwide-renowned experts and 10 young researchers with complementary backgrounds and expertise will gather to present their work, debate the effects of combined pressures on bee and pollinator insect decline, and propose avenues for future research. The output of the Hive of Science for Bees will consist of a blueprint summarizing present knowledge about the role of combined stresses on pollinator insects decline, and will represent the basis for the “Save the Bees” research funding programme of the Rovaltain Foundation.


The Hive of Science for Bees will start on Monday October 9th at 3 pm and finish on Friday October 13th at noon.

In the afternoon of Friday 13th and all day on Saturday, a free excursion event will be organized for volunteers (likely an easy hike in the Vercors mountain nearby).


Participants will interact in English, and hence knowledge of English language is a prerequisite to participation. 


The Hive of Science for Bees addresses dedicated PhD students as well as junior university teachers and researchers (up to 5 years after their PhD defence) interested by the pollinator decline issue. Participants will be selected based on their application documents (motivation letter, CV).

The Rovaltain Foundation will cover travel, accommodation and participation expenses for the 10 accepted participants.

Submission of application form and abstract by July 1st 2017

Notification of acceptance by July 15th 2017

More information: http://fcsrovaltain.org/beehive-call-for-participationvf.html