18 апреля 2016
Международный конкурс научно-исследовательских проектов Samsung Global Research Outreach 2016

The SAMSUNG Global Research Outreach (GRO) Program is an important part of growing SAMSUNG's (Samsung Electronics & related Samsung companies) academic research engagement and collaboration platforms.

Selected GRO applicants will receive financial support for their proposed project, up to USD $100,000 per year. This funding may be renewed for up to three years, based on measured annual research outcomes and necessity for further research partnership determined by SAMSUNG. Joint research proposals from multiple universities are welcome and acceptable.

The GRO Program represents an opportunity for SAMSUNG and universities to build a mutually beneficial research relationship.

2016 GRO Program is seeking proposals in twenty four (24) research themes:

  • AR/VR open button
  • IoT open button
  • Next Generation Computingopen button
  • Machine Learning & Recognition open button
  • Natural Language Processing open button
  • Neural Processor open button
  • Artificial Intelligence open button
  • Autonomous Driving open button
  • Software Engineeringopen button
  • Robotics for Human Augmentation open button
  • Security & Privacy open button
  • Data Analytics open button
  • Sensor Technology open button
  • 5G Mobile Applications open button
  • System Architecture for Storage & Memory open button
  • 2D Materials/Devices open button
  • Next Generation Sensors & Detectors open button
  • Energy Harvesting open button
  • Inorganic Photonic Materials open button
  • Functional Materials open button
  • Organic Materials open button
  • Microbial Conversion Materials open button
  • Nano Structuring open button
  • Material Informatics

Eligibility for Participation

The following are eligible to apply for the GRO Program:

- Applicants must be a university professor or researcher.

- University shall accept GRO Research Agreement (RA) as part of the proposal submission process.

Initial acceptance by the applicant's university is accomplished through submission of GRO RA Acceptance Letter without any modifications. If the university would like to review GRO RA before submission, detailed GRO RA could be sent via email upon request of authorized official of the university.

Proposal Submission

Applicants shall submit a research proposal and signed RA acceptance letter. All documents are only accepted via the GRO submission website prior to the deadline. After the deadline, the applicants are not able to submit, amend or modify proposals.

Proposal Screening

SAMSUNG Technology Board members review all the submitted proposals in accordance with GRO evaluation criteria as below:

- The innovativeness of the research

- The potential societal and/or business impact expected from the development, dissemination and use of project results

- The feasibility of the research with respect to the planned time, objectives, intended results and resources available

- The research competencies of the principal investigator in relevant field(s)

Announcement of the Finalists

All applicants will be informed of final results by email.

We do not provide individual feedback on proposals not selected for funding.

Finalization of the GRO Research Agreement

SAMSUNG will send signed GRO RA documents. The selected university will then sign and return the GRO RA documents before the funding process starts.

GRO Project Starts

Samsung recommends projects start in September or October. If the contract cannot be completed by the end of November, the project may be dropped.

Submission Deadline: June 14, 2016 (09:00 A.M. Korea Standard Time, UTC+9)

About the GRO Program