15 июня 2017
Research Internship, III-V compound semiconductor materials & related devices (Ireland)

Oculus Research Cork (Ireland) is looking for an exceptional and highly self-motivated intern to help us develop efficient light emitting devices for the next generation of VR Displays. This position is particularly suited for an applied physics postgraduate student who wishes to further develop their skills in a vibrant, multidisciplinary and fast-moving research environment. 

We are accepting applications from students interested in the following areas: 

  • III-V compound material & device characterizations 
  • CL & PL characterization of III-V heterostructures 
  • High-brightness visible light emitting diodes (HB-LEDs)

Our internships are twelve (12) or sixteen (16) weeks in length with various start dates throughout the year.


  • Direct participation in the characterizations of GaN-based and GaAs-based light emitting heterostructures using state of the art cathodoluminescence (CL) and fluorescence microscopy
  • Active involvement in the data analyzing to evaluate the quality of various light emitting epistructures at different stages of the manufacturing process
  • Communication of research agenda, progress and results
  • Collaboration with and support of other researchers across various disciplines
  • Expected outcome of this work is to provide insight in the optimization of light emitting epistructures

Minimum Qualifications

  • Pursuing a PhD in applied physics or related STEM field, preferably focused in the characterization of III-V heterostructures
  • Currently enrolled in a full time degree program and returning to the program after the completion of the internship
  • 1+ year experience in cathodoluminescence applied to semiconductor materials
  • 1+ year experience in physics of semiconductor heterostructures
  • Interpersonal skills: cross-group and cross-culture collaboration
  • Ability to obtain work authorization in Ireland in 2017

Apply here: https://www.facebook.com/careers/jobs/a0I1200000JXrgCEAT/