2 марта 2017
Мероприятия 2017 года в рамках Евразийской программы Европейской школы онкологии

The Eurasia Programme represents a challenging initiative that aims to create a specific programme for Eurasian countries. In these areas particular attention is given to the selection of priorities that correspond to the specific need of each of the countries and of the societies involved.

The main aim is to focus and to organise teaching educational courses on cancer types which are considered a priority issue for the population of each country, and to convene participants from all these countries and address of a variety of medical communities including specialised doctors, nurses, as well as hospital managers and administrators. An investment in organising educational activities that take into consideration epidemiology, prevention, early detection and treatment can strongly reduce mortality in cancer and cancer related diseases.

The Eurasia Programme intends to be a centre of diffusion for the expertise and latest knowledge in the field of cancer prevention and cure throughout the Eurasian countries, developing a web of scientific relationships and collaborations between cancer specialists in Europe and Asian countries.
The following educational events will be held:

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