9 апреля 2019
A free sample of Scientific Writing and Publishing course (from Nature)

A free sample of our Scientific Writing and Publishing course.

This sample is free to access when you register.

Welcome to this sample course. Its aim is to provide you with a flavour of some of the materials you will find in the Scientific Writing and Publishing Course.

You will have the chance to preview excerpts from 4 of our 15 modules. These excerpts deal with common challenges faced by researchers when writing for publication, such as honing your writing style, understanding the peer review process and managing data effectively.

As well as having the opportunity to watch videos of Nature journal editors offering advice and discussing their own experiences, you will also find posts and activities that we have developed to help you to understand and put into practice important skills in scientific writing.

The course consists of 6 modules:

  • Welcome!
  • What Makes a Great Paper?
  • Elements of Writing Style
  • Data Management
  • Understanding Peer Review
  • Accessing Further Content
Источник: https://masterclasses.nature.com/courses/103