The following thematic headings are planned for publication in the "Oriental Institute Journal":

2024 №1 (Deadline: 30.01.2024)
Thematic heading: "Pacific Region as a Cross-Road of Languages and Cultures"

The thematic issue is supposed to consider the issues of multiculturalism and multilingualism of the countries of the Asia-Pacific region, where European (Russia) and Eastern cultural values ​​converge. In the context of globalization processes, on the one hand, there is an activation of the "dialogue of cultures", the leveling of national cultural differences and the widespread borrowing of foreign features, including the study of foreign languages and familiarization with the achievements of world culture. On the other hand, there are many examples of strengthening national self-consciousness and preserving ethnic identity.

In the articles planned for the rubric, the authors will share the results of cross-cultural research in the field of linguo-culturology, historical ethnography, teaching oriental languages, highlighting the specific (national) and common in the languages and cultures of the countries of the Far East.

2024 №2 (Deadline: 30.04.2024)
Thematic heading: "Problems of Public Policy in the Countries of Central Asia: History and Modernity"

Issues of the development of state and law in Central Asia are relevant for a number of scientific disciplines – oriental studies, history, jurisprudence, social philosophy, political science and many others. The history of statehood and law of this ancient region goes back at least two and a half thousand years. The current historical stage in the development of state institutions in Central Asia is associated with the emergence in the region in 1991 of five new independent states. Within the thematic section, an interdisciplinary team of historians, philosophers and lawyers will present an analysis of several aspects of state and legal construction of the countries of the region, including issues of state and law in the Soviet and post-Soviet periods, ethnic and youth policies in Central Asia, problems of administrative and international law, international economic cooperation.