Conference «Green technologies and infrastructure to enhance urban ecosystem services»

Conference will be held from 23 to 26 of May, 2018.

SSC-2018 conference will include the plenary session, key-note lectures, 12 secssions, 3 round tables and 2 workshops. Both oral presentations and posters are welcome for the sessions, whereas only invited lectures are accepted for the round tables and workshops. English is an official working language of the conference. Simultaneous translation will be provided at the plenary session and at the selected sessions and round tables.


  • W.1 Internet of skills and emerging networks in a sustainable city.
  • W.2 Green chemistry for the future sustainable urban development.

Round tables

  • T1. Current opinions on sustainable urban development: from science to policy-makers
  • T2. Advance technologies for sustainable urban development: from science to practioners
  • T3. Excellences and knowledge gaps in urban sustainability: from science to education


  • S.1 Monitoring and environmental impact assessment in urban ecosystems.
  • S.2 Green infrastructure and nature-based solutions for sustainable cities
  • S.3 Urbanization effect on air and water quality
  • S.4. Urban climate and climate change resilience (PEEX "Pan-Eurasian Experiment" Session)
  • S.5. Functions and ecosystem services of SUITMAs: from theory to practice
  • S.6 Soil pollution and remediation.
  • S.7 Biogeochemical cycles in urban soils and ecosystems.
  • S.8 Urban farming: challenges and perspectives
  • S.9. Assessment, modelling and mappings urban ecosystems
  • S.10 Health risks in urban environment
  • S.11 Socio-economic and cultural issues of urban sustainability
  • S.12 Urban planning for sustainable city development (Jean Monnet Session)

April 1 2018 – deadline for abstract submission for oral presentations
April 15 2018 – abstract approval and decision on the presentation type (oral/poster)
April 25 2018 – deadline for abstract submission for posters
May 1 2018 – deadline for registration and subscribing for post-congress tours

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