International Conference on Aquaculture

Conference Venue: June 4-6, 2018, Copenhagen, Denmark

Theme of the Conference: Integrated Aquaculture & Fisheries : Current Status and Future Opportunities.

International Conference on Aquaculture is the best opportunity for the global aquaculture stake holders to learn the new techniques and developments in the area already they are in practice from the delegates attending the conference. It is the ultimate conference for researchers and experts to explore the innovations, advancements by gathering together a distinctive and international blend of scientists, Practicing Aquaculture farmers, Aquaculture professionals, fishery science researchers, sea food societies, Educational institutes and Industries making the conference impeccable platform to share experience, foster collaboration across the global experts and professionals, and assess incipient technologies through the globe. This Aquaculture conference would offer eminent scientists with good fortune to existent their new wave researches in the gymnasium of Aquaculture and also emphasis on society's most scorching challenges.

Scientific Sessions:

- Aquatic Ecosystem and Aqua Farming Methods

- IMTA and Integrated Aquaculture

- Aquaculture modelling and technologies

- Aquaculture diseases

- Aquaculture nutrition

- Aquaculture and Bio-system Research

- Aquatic Organism’s By-products and their Applications

- Diversification in Aquaculture

- Aquatic Immunology, Physiology & Pathology

- Aquaculture Environment Interactions – Measuring, Modelling and Mitigation

- Aquaculture Law and Policy

- Aquatic Toxicology

- Fish Habitat Ecology and Conservation

- Post-Harvest Techniques and Aquaculture

- Products

- Fish Genetics & Biotechnology

- Aquaculture Engineering & RAS

- Freshwater Fisheries and Fish Farming Techniques

- Deep Water and Demersal Fisheries

- Shellfish Fisheries

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