27 мая 2020
Вебинары компании Elsevier. The Book and Article Publishing Process (1 и 3 июня)

Компания Elsevier проводит вебинары:

3 июня 2020 г., 14.00 (мск)

The Book Publishing Process: an Elsevier Author Workshop (язык вебинара - английский)


Stacy Masucci has over 20 years of publishing experience spanning newspapers, commercial printing, and book & digital content. She is currently the Publisher for Translational Medicine at Elsevier where she leads an international team of acquisitions editors that research, acquire, develop and publish research reference books under Elsevier’s Academic Press imprint for over 16 disciplines. She hold a Master’s Degree in Publishing from George Washington University.

1 июня 2020 г., 14.00 (мск)

The Article Publishing Process: an Elsevier Author Workshop (язык вебинара - английский)


Mary Ann Zimmerman is a professional publisher and account manager with an MS in Library and Information Science. She is passionate about research accessibility, transparency, and open access. Mary has demonstrated success in people management, portfolio growth, and leading initiatives to improve workflow and outcomes. In Africa, Mary has developed and delivered publishing workshops for publishers in Tanzania as part of the Elsevier Foundation's "Publishers Without Borders" program. This program fits more broadly into an initiative by VSO, INASP, and COSTECH to foster indigenous publishing in Tanzania and other developing countries.

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