Научные мероприятия в РФ и за рубежом

14 марта 2016

The International Union of Crystallography - Commission on Aperiodic Crystals, C-MAC and the University of Antwerp would like to invite you to the 3rd International School on Aperiodic Crystals which will be held in Antwerp, Belgium on July 4-8, 2016.  This is a joint Antwerp Summer University School and C-MAC Euroschool.

The school will be held in the Groenenborger Campus of the University of Antwerp (Groenenborgerlaan 171, 2020 Antwerp, Belgium).

In this school the basics of the analysis of aperiodic crystals will be explained for a non-specialist tar­get­ au­di­ence, i.e. Phd stu­dents or ex­pe­ri­enced sci­en­tists work­ing in the field of crys­tal­log­ra­phy, chem­istry, ma­te­ri­al sci­ence or sol­id state physic and will­ing to have a ba­sic un­der­stand­ing of ape­ri­od­ic crys­tals.

Applications open. Submit your application now. The application deadline is 1 April 2016.

About school: https://www.uantwerpen.be/en/summer-schools/aperiodic-crystals/