Научные мероприятия в РФ и за рубежом

28 апреля 2016

The "Shark Tank of Wellness” competition is a unique global challenge in which university students have the opportunity to submit their most innovative, impactful idea for the wellness industry. Organizators define the wellness industry broadly and are looking for innovations in sectors as varied as architecture/design, beauty, education, fitness, hospitality, investment, medicine, nutrition, real estate, spa, technology, travel, tourism, and more. Submissions should take the form of a written application as well as a short one to two minute video presentation of the idea. The wellness industry is currently valued at over USD $3.4 trillion, thus providing ample opportunity for people with great ideas!

The top three finalists will be flown, along with their professors, to the annual Global Wellness Summit (GWS) held October 17-19 in Kitzbühel, Austria. Here, they will present their business idea to the attending Summit delegates — a “who’s who” in the global wellness world. Several business leaders will act as “Wellness Sharks” and ask questions of the students, who will defend their innovation and make a business case for its feasibility.


The competition is open to both individuals and teams of students over the age of 18 from anywhere in the world. If a team is chosen as one of the top three finalists, the team leader will be flown to Austria along with the professor. The student(s) must be in at least the third year of undergraduate education or a graduate student in a university of distinction. They must have a transcript from their registrar that shows they are a full-time student at that university and they must have a professor who can mentor them. There is no entry fee.

Important Dates

The competition closes on Monday, Aug. 1, 2016 at 12:00 pm GMT. Late submissions will not be accepted.


First Prize: One (1) first-prize winner will receive USD $5,000
Second Prize: One (1) second-prize winner will receive USD $3,000
Third Prize: One (1) third-prize winner will receive USD $2,000
Total value of all prizes is US$10,000.

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