Лаборатория международных институтов АТР


Руководитель направления:

Севастьянов Сергей Витальевич, профессор кафедры международных отношений ВИ-ШРМИ ДВФУ, доктор политических наук (Московский государственный институт международных отношений, 2009), доцент.

Более 100 публикаций, h-index (RSCI) 13.


Key research areas and most critical achievements:

- development of the theoretical approaches and practical instruments to study the APR institutional order;

- evaluation of activities and effectiveness of key APR and East Asia’s institutions of economic integration and regional security;

-execution of geopolitical expertise of the Northeast Asia transborder region and specificity of transborder policy;

- start of the study to evaluate effectiveness of the newly created Russian Far East’s development institutions.

The above mentioned research projects have been undertaken with full consideration of Russia’s security and economic interests at the APR. Thus their results would help the leadership of Russia to develop more effective strategy to ensure the RFE border security and economic cooperation with regional neighbors.

Key publications:

- Sevastyanov S. Hopes and Realities in Relations Between Russia and Japan: Is a Breakthrough Possible? // East Asia: An International Quarterly. Volume 34, Issue 1, 2017. P. 39-62.      

- Sevastyanov, S., Kravchuk, A.  Russian Approach to National Security in the Arctic // Korean Journal of Defense Analysis. Volume 29, Issue 1, 2017. P. 131-149.                                      

- Dynamics of New Regional Order in Northeast Asia: Perspectives from Seoul and Vladivostok. Ed. by Sevastianov S., Ik Joong Youn, FEFU, 2016. 122 P. 

-“Introduction to Border Studies”.  Ed. by Sergey Sevastianov, Jussi Laine  & Anton Kireyev.  Vladivostok, Dalnauka. 2015. – 400 p. 

Major international partners:

1. University of California, San-Diego.

2. University of Hokkaido, Japan.

3. Seoul National University, ROK.

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