Research group on English as a lingua franca in communication between Russia and countries of East Asia


Руководитель направления:

Viktoriya Zavyalova is Associate Professor at Department of Linguistics and Intercultural Communication at the Institute of Oriental Studies / School of Regional and International Studies, Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU). She is also Director of Research and Education Center “Applied Linguistics and Speech Technology” there. Viktoriya Zavyalova earned her PhD in Philology from Far Eastern State University in 2001. She acted as a leader in two projects, namely “Ways to enhance understanding in English-mediated international contacts in the Far East of Russia and in the Asia-Pacific”, Federal Targeted Program “Scientific and educational staff of innovative Russia, 2009-2013”, Ministry of Science and Education of the Russian Federation (2009-2011), and  “Effective communication strategies in English as a lingua franca between Russia and countries of East Asia, Projects in Priority Directions of FEFU Development, the FEFU Scientific Fund (2014-2015). She has also been involved in a number of other research projects.

Since 2017, Viktoriya Zavyalova has been a member of the Main Educational Programs Board at Saint Petersburg State University (Bachelor Degree Program “General and Applied Phonetics” and Master Degree Program “General and Applied Phonetics”). Apart from her academic career, she worked as an independent expert in the Primorskiy Krai Administration (2012-2013).   

Viktoriya Zavyalova's main research interests include general and applied phonetics; speech production; speech perception; language acquisition; foreign accent reduction; speech recognition; computer-assisted pronunciation training; speech technologies; East Asian varieties of English;  English-mediated contacts in the Asia-Pacific and Northeast Asia.

Viktoriya Zavyalova has published chapters and papers, in Russian and English, on phonetics and phonology, as well as on World Englishes and phonetic aspects of intercultural communication in the Asia-Pacific. Her latest chapter (co-authored) in a collective monograph Russian English: History, Functions, and Features (edited by Zoya Proshina and Anna Eddy) is Linguistic Features of Russian English (Cambridge University Press, 2016)

Key research areas:

- English-mediated contacts in the Asia-Pacific and Northeast Asia;

- Phonetic peculiarities of East Asian varieties of English;

- Acquiring the phonology of a foreign language;

- Phonetic interference;

- Foreign-accented speech perception and recognition.

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Major recent publications:

Digor A.G., Artemieva, I.L, Lukina, E.M., Zavyalova, V.L. Instrumental shell for pronunciation training simulator design in  2017 Second Russia and Pacific Conference on Computer Technology and Applications (RPC). Vladivostok, 2017. Pp.: 33-38. DOI: 10.1109/RPC.2017.8168062 

Makusheva, Natalia V., Artemieva, Irina L., Zavyalova, Viktoriya L. Ontology Model of Language Evolution in 2017 2nd International Conference on Artificial Intelligence: Techniques and Applications (AITA2017), September 17-18, 2017, Shenzhen, China. Pp. 174-178. DOI 10.12783/dtcse/aita2017/16010

Zavyalova, V., Proshina, Z., Ionina, A., Eddy, A., & Ivankova, T. (2016). Linguistic Features of Russian English. In Z. Proshina & A. Eddy (Eds.), Russian English: History, Functions, and Features (Studies in English Language, pp. 81-120). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. doi:10.1017/CBO9781139683623.005.

Zavyalova, V., Poduzova, D., Shaydullina, D., Lukina, E. Foreign-Accented Speech Corpora: Annotation Challenge  in Speech and Computer 17th International Conference, SPECOM 2015. Athens, Greece, September 20-24, 2015, Proceedings Vol. II /Nikos Fakotakis, Andrey Ronzhin and Rodmonga Potapova (eds.). Athens: University of Patras, 2015. Pp.111-121.

Zavyalova V. Interphonology Research: Stress in Asian Varieties of English in Travaux du 19ème CIL | 19th ICL papers, International Congress of Linguists. Stephen R. Anderson, Jacques Moeschler, Fabienne Reboul, éds. Published and distributed by: Département de Linguistique de l’Université de Genève, Rue de Candolle 2, CH-1205 Genève, Switzerland Editor: Département de Linguistique de l’Université de Genève, Switzerland ISBN:978-2-8399-1580-9 2015

Zavyalova V. Interlanguage Sound Neighborhood as Interphonological phenomena in Phonetics without borders: Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference. Editor S.V. Androsova. Blagoveschensk: Amur State University, 2015. P.127-129.

Zavyalova V., Primak O. Lingua Franca Intercultural Communication in Asia Pacific: Issues of Phonetic Competence, Phonological Transfer, and Perceptual Adaptation Strategies in Asian Social Science; Vol. 11, No. 22; 2015. Pp.67-75 doi:10.5539/ass.v11n22p67

Major partners:

1. Moscow State Linguistic University (MGLU-University, Institute of Applied and Mathematical Linguistics), Moscow

2. Saint-Petersburg State University (SPbGU-University, Department of Phonetics and Methodology of teaching foreign languages), Saint-Petersburg

3. Amur State University (AMGU-University, Department of Linguistics), Blagoveschensk