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UDC 123   doi: dx.doi.org/10.24866/2542-1611/2018-3/6-12

NGUEN Kim Son   Liberty as a Value in the Traditional World Picture of the Peoples of the East

This paper examines the definition of the term «liberty» particularly in the oriental context from the standpoint of political, social, legal, and other social and humanitarian aspects. The main provisions of this article are based on the studies of the Нistory of Thinking, pointing out that in the traditions of Asian countries the concept of freedom was known and was an important value that determines the thinking and life of people. The author tries to distinguish the difference between the concept of «Liberty» of the past, comparing it with the «Liberty» of today. The article is based on the concept analysis in the framework of the Three Doctrines (San Jiuu) – Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism, initially putting forward ideas and outlining research directions, as well as proposing ways for their development in human life to achieve full, profound and comprehensive Liberty in modern society.

Key words: liberty, peripatetism, immanent, self-achievement, liberation, human nature, Inner spirit, East Asian traditions, Three Doctrines, Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism


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UDC 93/94  doi: dx.doi.org/10.24866/2542-1611/2018-3/13-27

Svetlana М. DUDARENOK   To the Jubilee of the FEFU Faculty of History

The article is devoted to the history of the formation and development of higher historical education at the oldest University of the Russian Far East – Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU, or DVFU ). Training of historians has been carried out at different stages of the University existence: having started at Oriental Institute, it continued at State Far Eastern University (SFEU, or GDU), Vladivostok State Pedagogic Institute (VSPI, or VGPI ), and Far Eastern State University (FESU, or DVGU), and it keeps evolving at the Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU, or DVFU). At the origins of the private Department of History and Philology (1918), which two years later became part of the GDU (1920), Far Eastern anthropologists, historians, orientalists, philologists, and historians stood «abandoned» in the harsh conditions following the destructive Civil War. In 1939 the University was disbanded, and many teachers were repressed. In 1943, VSPI was established, with a Faculty of History being part of it. Since that time, historical education has been developing continuously in Vladivostok. Each stage has contributed its specifics to the process of training historians; however the pride of FEFU Faculty of History has always been its teachers and students.

Key words: historical education, Oriental Institute, State Far Eastern University, Vladivostok State Pedagogic Institute, Far Eastern State University, teachers, students


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UDC 93/94   doi: dx.doi.org/10.24866/2542-1611/2018-3/28-43

Аnatolij M. KUZNETSOV  Our heritage and how to preserve it in circumstances of «innovatics» and «creativity»?

The uneasy history of scientific humanitarian knowledge in Russia of the last hundred years (as well as of historical education in the Far East) is viewed through the prism of the history of search and discovery of Sergei Mikhailovich Shirokogorov’s heritage. The author justifies the need for a thorough study of the scientific heritage of the «old school» as a means of preserving the national scientific humanitarian tradition in the context of an aggressive scientific educational policy of the state and the crisis of humanitarian knowledge in modern Russia. For many years the author has been looking for and collecting works by Shirokogorov, which still retain their theoretical significance. Among Shirokogorov’s studies, a special place is occupied by the work «Psychomental Complex of the Tungus», in which one can find ideas of today’s popular neuroscience in relation to ethnic problems. However, the task of the implementation of Shirokogorov’s ideas into modern knowledge remains unresolved.

Key words: humanitarian knowledge, S. M. Shirokogorov, State Far Eastern University, Tsinghua University, «Psychomental Complex of the Tungus»


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UDC 930:355/359.07    doi: dx. doi.org/10.24866/2542-1611/2018-3/44-57

Roman S. AVILOV    «To Investigate in Details the Way from Village Novokievskoye to Port-Arthur in Tumen and Yalu Valleys...» The Expedition of Lieutenant Colonel Vladimir A. Oranovskiy to Korea and Manchuria in 1898–1899. Part 3

This article examines the history of the unknown Russian reconnaissance expedition to Korea and Manchuria under the command of Lieutenant colonel Vladimir A. Oranovskiy in 1898–1899. In June 2017 the final expeditionary report was found in the Collection of Manuscripts of the Russian State Library. Consisting of five chapters and including two appendices, regrettably, without maps, this 976-page manuscript embraces full information about the expedition. The detachment was sent to investigate the ways from village Novokievskoye to Port-Arthur, in order to explore if it was possible to redeploy the Russian forces from Priamurye Military District to Port-Arthur by the shortest path through the Northern part of Korea in case of war. It also aimed at investigating potential defensive positions of the Korean peninsula. The wellequipped expedition that traveled from Novokievskoye to Port-Arthur and backwards in winter, had gathered a lot of information, not only of military, but also of geographical and ethnographical value. The data obtained was very useful five years later, during the 1904–1905 Russo-Japanese War.

Key words: Korea, Manchuria, Priamur Military District, military oriental studies, military intelligence, Russo-Japanese War of 1904–1905, Port-Arthur, Vladimir A. Oranovskiy


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UDC 94(517)    doi: dx.doi.org/10.24866/2542-1611/2018-3/58-64

Eduard V. BATUNAEV   Modern View of Political Repression in Mongolia 1930–1940

The article considers one of the most difficult and dramatic periods in the history of Mongolia. The internal political struggle, the influence of the Comintern, political repression in Mongolia in 1930–1940 had a significant impact on the political development of Mongolia. Particular attention is paid to political processes in Mongolia, which received an ambiguous evaluation in historiography. Almost all segments of the population of Mongolia were subjected to repression, including the highest party-state leadership, Buddhist clergy, intelligentsia and well-off arats. The mistakes and excesses of the policy of the left course, the struggle against the lamas led to a large-scale Hubsugul uprising in 1932. During the political repressions in Mongolia, the Buryat population suffered greatly from the political regime’s persecution, one of which was the trumped-up «Сase of Lhumbe». The author came to the conclusion that political repression became an instrument in the internal political struggle against the opposition, strengthening of the personal power of H. Choybalsan, and also settling of personal scores in the struggle for power.

Key words: Mongolia, political repression, «great terror», internal political struggle, Choibalsan, Stalin, the Comintern, the Mongolian revolution of 1921, geopolitical situation


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UDC 82-14   doi: dx.doi.org/10.24866/2542-1611/2018-3/65-71

Natalia A. LEONTIEVA   The Implementation of Motif of Path in N. S. Gumilyov’s Poetry: an Attempt at Classification

The article seeks to provide a classification of such category of N. S. Gumilyov’s lyrical poetics as the motif of Path. The impact of this category on the lyrical plot is analyzed as well. The author identifies the following elements as key aspects of relations between the image of the Seeker and the motif of Path: active/ passive involvement of lyrical subject in movement along the Path, efficiency/inefficiency of pursuing the Path, evaluation of the Path and the results of the quest, the perception of chronotope reality/ unreality. The classification of the implementation of motif of Path is proposed to be conducted with taking these elements in consideration. The classification presents abstract models of the implementation of motif of Path in N. S. Gumilyov’s poetry, which can co-exist in concrete shapes.

Key words: poetry, N. S. Gumilyov, motif, Path, classification, lyrical plot


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UDC 82(091)    doi: dx.doi.org/10.24866/2542-1611/2018-3/72-78

Olga V. Bobrovnikova   Poetics of Landscape in Ann Radcliffe’s «Romance of the Forest»

The article is dedicated to the poetics of landscape in «Romance of the Forest» (1791) by Ann Radcliffe. The goal of the research is to define the features of the writer’s narrative technique and the meaning of the landscape as an origin of the genre genesis. The analysis of landscape descriptions shows allusions to the paintings by famous Italian and French painters of the 17th century (Salvator Rosa, Nicolas Poussin, Claude Lorrain), whose art combined the characteristics of Classicism and Baroque, reminiscences of the English classics’ works, a specific rhythm in prosaic descriptions of the nature and their transformation into poems. The combination of these techniques provides a lyrical tone to the landscapes, and the Gothic Novel gets the features typical for the esthetics of preromanticism.

Key words: Gothic Novel, Ann Radcliffe, «sublime», «beautiful», Edmund Burke, ekphrasis, reminiscences, rhythm of prose, lyricism, preromanticism.


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UDC 324+329(571.63-25)   doi: dx.doi.org/10.24866/2542-1611/2018-3/79-87

Vladislav Yu. GOLOSOV   Pre-election Campaign and the Result of Presidential Candidate Pavel Grudinin in the Presidential Elections in Vladivostok

This article analyzes the election campaigning of the candidate from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Pavel Grudinin and also provides a comparative analysis of the results of Gennady Zyuganov and Pavel Grudinin in the presidential elections of 2012 and 2018 in Vladivostok by the criterion of the percentage of votes and voter turnout. The article assesses campaigning events in the presidential elections of 2012 and 2018 conducted by the Vladivostok section of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, as well as the reasons for obtaining a lower percentage of voters, who voted for Grudinin’s candidacy in Vladivostok, than that of Zyuganov’s in 2012.

Key words: Grudinin, Zyuganov, Baburin, Suraykin, KPRF, spoiler candidates, presidential elections, Vladivostok, interview


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Vladimir V. PETRAKOV, Artyom L. LUKIN   International transport corridors Primorye-1 and Primorye-2: the current status and prospects

The transport and logistics potential of the Russian Far East is largely connected with the international transport corridors (ITC) Primorye‑1 and Primorye‑2, which give the north-eastern provinces of China, as well as Mongolia, direct access to the Sea of Japan. The need for the development of these transport routes has been discussed since the 1990s; however concrete work on them has only recently begun, over the past few years. This paper classifies the goals of ITC development as short, middle and long-term, applies the comparative and other analysis of the said tasks as well as specifies the measures to be taken to enhance the development of ITC Primorye‑1 and Primorye‑2.

Key words: international transport corridors (ITC), ITC Primorye1, Primorye2, border crossings, ports


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Tat’yana A. GOLOVANEVA   Tambourine Functions in Kamchatka’s Koryak Culture in the 20th – Beginning of the 21st Centuries

The article presents the analysis of the change in tambourine functions in the culture of Kamchatka’s Koryaks during the 20th century. At the beginning of the 20th century the tambourine playing was an integral part of sacral and shaman rituals in the traditional Koryak culture. The fight against shamans started in the imperial time, and it became even more intensified with the Soviet Union. The decade 1930–1940 was the time of the tambourine’s forced oblivion in Kamchatka. At the beginning of the 1950s the tambourine was not considered a musical instrument yet. It was legalized as a musical instrument only in the 1960s during the stage revival of the national choreographic culture. Existence on stage was one of the natural steps in the traditional culture development. In the second half of the 20th century the functions of tambourine were desacralized (not connected with shaman’s practices). At the beginning of the 21st century tambourine functions as a shaman instrument were completely lost, yet tambourine’s popularity as a musical instrument made it a symbol of Kamchatka’s ethnic culture.

Key words: Kamchatka’s Koryaks, customs and rituals, music culture, tambourine, essence and functions


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Yaroslav A. BARBENKO, Olga N. DMITRIEVSKAYA, Victor I. SHTUKA   OIAK`s Suchan-Sudukhe Expedition, 1896

This material is a publication of a report on the complex expedition of the Society for the Study of the Amur Territory (OIAK) to the valleys of the Partizanskaya (Suchan), Krivaya (Syao-Sudukhe) and Kievka (Ta-Sudukhe) rivers of the Partizansky and Lazovsky districts of the Primorsky Krai in 1896. The expedition included experienced land researcher forester Nikolai Palchevsky and new members of OIAK, teachers Sergey Brailovsky and Dmitry Dyukov. The initial purpose of the expedition was the exploration of archaeological objects and the collection of ethnographic, anthropological and other data among Tazy of the Partizanskaya Valley. However, in 1895, the Tazy and the Chinese were displaced by police to the neighboring valleys, so after exploring the antiquities the expedition set off in search of the Tazy in the valleys of the Krivaya and Kievka rivers. Part of the materials collected by the expedition, was lost during a typhoon, the other part was deteriorated after returning to base. Nevertheless this expedition formed the basis of further research of Tazy. According to the results of the work, museum collections were gathered; a series of articles and a monographic study were published, which was highly appreciated by colleagues.

Key words: ethnographic studies, Southern Ussuri Krai, Suchan, Sudukhe, Tazy, S. N. Brailovsky, D. I. Dyukov, N. A. Palchevsky, OIAK


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Svetlana М. DUDARENOK   Review of the Book by L. L. Larkina «Naval Cadet with Others Life»