Oriental Institute Journal, 2021, №52 (4)

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UDC 811    DOI: 10.24866/2542-1611/2021-4/6-13

DUONG Tran Huong Thao

Prefix ПРО- and Suffix –СЯ in Creating Derivative Meanings of Russian Verbs and Ways to Convey their Main Meanings in Vietnamese

This article is dedicated to the decisive role of про- prefix and suffix -ся in creating derivative meanings of Russian verbs and ways to convey their main meanings in Vietnamese. The main research methodologies are descriptive methodology, as well as comparative one with the structural-semantic approach and in the semantic classification of verbs, along with the methodology of component analysis of linguistic material, on the basis of which the synthesis is carried out. The research results can make a certain contribution to the contrastive study of languages such as inflectional Russian and isolating Vietnamese for the development of a methodology for teaching Russian outside the linguistic environment and will significantly help improve the quality of translation from Russian into Vietnamese and vice versa, from Vietnamese into Russian, as well as in compilation of bilingual dictionaries.

Key words: prefix, verbs containing prefixes, creating meaning, ways of conveying


UDC 327    DOI: 10.24866/2542-1611/2021-4/14-27


The Place and Role of Confucius Institutes in Popularization and Promotion of «Сommunity of Shared Future for Mankind in the World»

The topicality of this article is due to the need to research the place and role of Confucius Institutes in implementing Xi Jinping’s concept of Community of shared future for mankind. Object of the research: popularization and promotion of the concept of Community of shared future for mankind. Subject of the research: the activity of Confucius Institutes as a mechanism of Community of shared future for mankind. It is argued that not all representatives of the scientific and cultural community positively assess the idea of international friendship and cooperation between China and the world through the activities of these Institutes. For instance, in the United States, the Institutes are criticized for the spread of communist ideology and accused of opaque financial transactions. Confucius Institutes in Europe, Japan are experiencing more and more difficulties in their work.

Key words: China, Confucius Institutes, Сommunity of shared future for mankind, Confucius Institute Conference

UDC 327    DOI: 10.24866/2542-1611/2021-4/28-36


Modern Sino-Myanmar Relations: Economic and Security Aspects

The article examines the development of Sino-Myanmar relations in the field of economy and security at the present stage. A specific emphasis has been placed on the February events in 2021 in Myanmar which include the seizure of power by the military elite and the arrest of Aung San Suu Kyi, leader of the ruling democratic party National League for Democracy (NLD). The authors arrive to a conclusion that the military regime in Myanmar contributes to the strengthening of Sino-Myanmar relations and to the realization of strategic interests pursued by China, in exchange for receiving political and material support in the international arena.

Key words: China, Republic of the Union of Myanmar, military junta, political crisis, economic cooperation, national security

UDC 339.544    DOI: 10.24866/2542-1611/2021-4/37-55


Border Checkpoints as a Chinese Instrument for Strengthening Economic and Political Cooperation with North Korea. Part 1

The article examines China's activity in the development of checkpoints with the DPRK in 2001–2020, which is correlated with a gradual growth in the volume of freight traffic between countries in the period under study and an increase in China's share in North Korea's foreign trade. Mainly based on Chinese sources, the article provides an overview of the checkpoints between the PRC and the DPRK. The result of the work is the conclusion that intensive and advanced development of Chinese-North Korean checkpoints became an important element of PRC's border policy, which ensured the dominant role of Beijing in the foreign economics of DPRK. It was found that during the deterioration of economic and political relations of the DPRK with Russia, South Korea and Japan, China intensively modernized checkpoints with North Korea along the whole border line. This activity played an important role in the formation of China as a key foreign trade partner of the DPRK. This thesis is proved by considering the progress of modernization in 2001–2020 for each Chinese-North Korean checkpoint, and an assessment of the development of border crossing systems between countries.

Key words: China, North Korea, checkpoint, freight turnover, export, import

UDC 304.4:17    DOI: 10.24866/2542-1611/2021-4/56-64


Tolerance in Domestic National Politics: Conditions, Risks, and Opportunities

The article considers the issue of tolerance as a value set-up implemented in domestic politics. The analysis of the concept of tolerance shows that it is a value-based attitude built on the recognition of human dignity. One of the main reasons for intolerantness is the mismatch of value hierarchies in people or social groups. Based on the developed understanding of tolerance and analysis of the material the principle of spiritual health of the person (or social group) is formulated, on the basis of which the solution of the problem of the boundaries of tolerance is proposed. Issues and ways of resolving conflicts related to unacceptable beliefs and customs of social and ethnic groups are considered.

Key words: tolerance, folk custom, ethnic group, spiritual and moral values, internal politics

UDC 321    DOI: 10.24866/2542-1611/2021-4/65-73

Evgeny V. BULAKH, Ilya V. KISELNIKOV, Vladislav I. FOKIN

The Community and the State: Modern Tools of Competitive Development

In most cases, the State owes its appearance to the community. The further development of political institutions adversely affected the state of the community itself. Self-government, guaranteed by a modern democratic State, ensured the survival and adaptation of the community. The local urbanized community has taken the form of a neighborhood community. Today, the proposed regulations for the implementation of local self-government through territorial public self-government can consolidate the political and legal status of the neighboring community and thereby strengthen the foundation of statebuilding.

Key words:  state, government, community, local self-government, competition, territorial self-government (TSG)


UDC 929:9    DOI: 10.24866/2542-1611/2021-4/74-81


Correspondence of V.K. Arseniev with the Irkutsk Ethnographer G.S. Vinogradov

The publication is devoted to the correspondence of the famous traveler, ethnographer Vladimir K. Arseniev (1872–1930), writer bestseller "Dersu Uzala" and the Irkutsk ethnographer Georgy Semenovich Vinogradov (1886–1945). The archives of the Society for the Study of the Amur Region (OIAK) in Vladivostok (F. 14. Op. 3. D. 15) preserved three letters from Vinogradov (June 19, 1926, December 19, 1926, July 17, 1929) where described family relationship, plans of the researches and scholar activities. Letters to V.K. Arsenyev has not yet been identified. For the commentary, the personal collection of Arseniev was used, kept in the library of the OIAK, which contains Vinogradov's books with donative inscriptions. The author is grateful to the OIAK archive and library for the use of these materials. The publication is dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the birth of V.K. Arsenyev explains the unknown pages of his biography.

Key words:  Correspondence of V.K. Arsenyev, G.S. Vinogradov (1886 – 1945), Ethnography in the Far East, Ethnography in Irkutsk, Far Eastern regional studies   

DOI: 10.24866/2542-1611/2021-4/82-106

Materials of the Inspection of the Chinese Language Department of Far East State University, December 1935 – January 1936. Part 4


UDC 327 DOI: 10.24866/2542-1611/2021-4/107-115


The Geopolitical Dimension of the Indo-Pacific Security Architecture: Challenges, Scenarios, Consequences

The article reviews the book of Michael Robert Auslin "Asia’s New Geopolitics. Essay on Reshaping the Indo-Pacific". The book outlines direction and prospects for the development of a macro-regional project which reflects the endeavors of the USA to ensure common security. The review analyzes the author’s provisions concerning Washington’s intentions and actions to enlist the support of allies and partners whose interests coincide with that of American and aimed at staving off the proliferation of threats posed by China's international politics. The author draws attention to the fact that the American vision of FOIP (Free and Open Indo-Pacific) implies not so much to seek opportunities from cooperation with China but presumes a policy to prevent China's geopolitical superiority in strategically important geographical areas.

Key words: geopolitics, rimland, Indo-Pacific, Asiatic Mediterranean, security

UDC 94(571.6) DOI: 10.24866/2542-1611/2021-4/116-122

Yaroslav A. BARBENKO 

Between Two Means Between Two! Review of the Publication "Between Two Chairs. Observations, Thoughts and Memoirs of Peter Unterberger"


DOI: 10.24866/2542-1611/2021-4/123-124

In Memory of Tsuneo Akaha