Mission statement


The mission of Far Eastern Federal University is to foster
mutual understanding and cooperation in Asia-Pacific countries,
to ensure their social and cultural prosperity
and to shape talents of young people.

FEFU's Main Objectives

In cooperation with the best scientific, educational, and innovative institutions of Russia and the other Asia-Pacific countries, to develop research and increase the intellectual and economic potential of the region;

Through research and education, to extend partnerships with business, including regional programs of innovative development and the development of new educational standards;

To foster the intellectual, spiritual, and physical development of students, to discover their talents, to develop their professional knowledge and skills, and to shape the ability of graduates to renew and deepen their education throughout life;

To create a unique environment for young people from all countries, to prepare them for successful careers and leadership in the most dynamically developing region of Russia;

To facilitate integration of FEFU students and alumni into research, business and other professional endeavors of Russia and other Asia-Pacific countries for the best utilization of the knowledge and skills gained in the University;

To provide graduates with competencies, making them competitive for the highest positions in science, business, politics, management and government;

To improve the quality of education and faculty through their professional development in the best institutions, conferences and expeditions in Russia and abroad;

To create an environment for the creative leisure of students, faculty and staff, to encourage their involvement in arts, sports, festivals and contests, to promote healthy lifestyles.

FEFU Key Values

  • Freedom of research thinking and creativity
  • Priority of scientific knowledge
  • The spirit of friendship and honest competition
  • Competency and professionalism
  • Education and development throughout life
  • Youth of mind and a healthy style of living