FEFU Representative Office in Beijing, China

Center of Russian Studies (FEFU Representative Office in Beijing, China)

Functions of the Center (Representative Office): 

1) Organization of thematic lectures and modules by Chinese experts for FEFU students;

2) Implementation of research seminars and conferences on topics related to Russian and Chinese studies and the development of Russia – China relations;

3) Facilitating collaboration in the publication of research papers by relevant Chinese and Russian institutions;

4) Promoting scientific and academic literature exchange on Chinese and Russian studies in Russian, Chinese, and other languages;

5) Conducting exhibitions devoted to various aspects of Russia-China relations, as well as to the research findings conducted by the Centers of Russian and Chinese Studies;

6) Facilitating the establishment of research teams for joint projects with Chinese partners;

7) Promoting the internationalization of the University and advancement of its partnership network in China;

8) Building a positive international image of the University, as well as promoting its education brand in China;

9) Communication with Chinese educational institutions, public sector, and representatives of the business community with the purpose of developing cooperation with FEFU;

10) Promotion of FEFU as a communication platform of Russia in the Asia-Pacific region.

Exchange Programs with China 

Contact: Anna Volodkina 
FEFU campus, building. B, level 6, B 651 
Tel .: +7 (423) 265 24 24 (ext 2209.)
E-mail: volodkina_ae@dvfu.ru

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FEFU Representative Office opened in Beijing