Bachelor’s degree programs in Russian

For Bachelor's Degree Programs you need:

  1. High school certificate or diploma (with examination results or transcript) or Secondary professional (or vocational) education diploma (with transcripts) + legalization and notarized translation into Russian.
    *If the previous credentials were obtained in Russia, the candidate should submit one of the following documents: Certificate of secondary (complete) general education (with final grade list and examination results) or Secondary professional education diploma (with supplement).

  2. Level I Certification from the Test of Russian as a Foreign Language (TORFL).
  3. Passport copy with registration and visa.
  4. English application forms for foreign citizens entering FEFU
Additionally, upon arrival, all applicants should submit:
  • Proof of medical insurance policy with a Russian insurance company
  • Medical Certificate (for selected programs). Please see the attached file.
Regarding the legalization procedures you can find information through the link.