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FEFU School of Engineering is a successor of traditions of technical education at the Russian Far East, which has its origins in 1918 at the time when The Polytechnic High School was established at the premises of the Oriental Institute. At the present time, the School of Engineering incorporates 24 departments, which offer training on a wide range of technical majors. The School offer training in 36 bachelor's programs, 11 specialist's programs and 37 master's programs to choose from.
FEFU School of Biomedicine trains highly-qualified future personnel for the medical and health care systems, pharmaceutical, processing and food industries. Now the School of Biomedicine incorporates 11 departments and offers training in 5 bachelor's programs, 4 specialist's programs and 7 master's programs. The School's mission is to integrate achievements of the fundamental sciences into practical health care, to conduct innovative research and to train the future leaders of biomedicine.
The School of Humanities is justifiably proud of its traditions of classical education in the field of humanities. The School incorporates 8 departments, which offer training to students in 11 bachelor's programs and 13 master's programs. The School conducts fundamental research in humanities and in social sciences to support Russia's integration in the Asia Pacific, facilitates introduction of innovative approaches and technologies in applied humanitarian and in social studies and develops mass communication technologies.
The School of Natural Sciences is a state-of-the-art complex of both training and research where fundamental studies and innovative technologies blend together. The School incorporates 24 departments, which offer training in 20 undergraduate and 17 graduate programs. Technological infrastructure, which the School possesses, allows the students fulfill their scientific and creative potentials. Due to the strong partnership with the Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the University trains highly qualified future specialists, which are in a high demand both in the region and throughout the whole country.
The School of Arts, Culture and Sports offers training to creative and sports-minded young people. Currently, the School incorporates 8 departments, which offer training in 4 undergraduate and 7 graduate programs. Extensive opportunities of the athletic infrastructure that the FEFU Campus of the Russky Island has to offer, allow students achieve their athletic ambitions and join athletic teams of the University on different kinds of sports.
School of Education has a long history, a strong scientific base and glorious traditions. The School now incorporates 14 departments, which offer training in 13 undergraduate and 22 graduate programs. The School of Education is a big friendly family, which offers its students opportunities for their full-scale personal development and professional growth.
Oriental Institute - School of Regional and International Studies is the center of eduction, research and culture, which offers training in 6 bachelor's and 5 master's programs. The School employs top-tier faculty and scholars and has a significant number of professors from foreign counties, such as China, Korea, Spain, France, Germany, the US, etc. Students who study at this School after their graduation can work in different positions, starting with work as school teachers and finishing with careers at the diplomatic missions abroad, international intergovernmental organizations and transnational corporations.
The School of Economics and Management incorporates 14 departments, which offer a wide range of academic programs that help train future economists and managers; the School offers training in 13 undergraduate and 22 graduate programs. This School actively develops economic, technological and cultural cooperation with the Asia Pacific nations and other countries of the world. The School's graduates work in major Russian and international companies.
FEFU School of Law has all needed resources to ensure that students receive a high quality legal education. Now FEFU School of Law trains students both in bachelor's and master's degree programs. At this School students have everything they need for successful studies. The School's graduates have always been demanded on the labor market. Many of them now work in the legal positions in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sakhalin, Kamchatka and other parts of Russia.