Persons with disabilities


Library adapted for use by persons with disabilities

The reading room (FEFU campus, Russky Island, Building A, level 10), has a unique set of means of access for people with disabilities, especially for the visually impaired. These are computers with specialized software, equipped with displays and Braille printers for printing texts with a relief-dot tactile font. Also, users can use a portable device for reading flat-printed texts, a scanning and reading machine, thanks to which the text of the book can be voiced in several foreign languages, as well as translated into Braille. All workplaces are equipped in separate booths so that library visitors will not be distracted from classes.

Information on access to electronic information resources adapted for use by persons with disabilities

Users with disorders of the musculoskeletal system

Registration of users with disorders of the musculoskeletal system on the website of the electronic resource / EDS gives them

following features:

- get access to all services of this resource, including entrance to the "personal account",

- work from a home computer, provided if the registration has passed in the FEFU network

Visually impaired users:

A mobile application (for iOS and Android) that integrates free services for blind students and a speech synthesizer. Using a speech synthesizer in a mobile application, visually impaired students can:

• navigate through the catalog;

• make the transition inside the book on sentences, paragraphs and chapters;

• listen to voiced books on a mobile device;

• select a playback voice different from the system one;

• adjust the speed of speech reproduction;

• work with books without access to the Internet, i.e. offline.

A special version of the website of the IPRbooks electronic library system for the visually impaired (

 2. The program of non-visual access to information IPRbooks WV-Reader for use in mobile applications of devices based on the Android operating system:

• Launch and work by setting commands (even people with complete loss of vision can use the application);

• Content navigation;

• Voice search for publications and voice responses to requests;

• Built-in speech synthesizer that allows you to listen to the found edition.

Versions of the site for visually impaired: ZNANIUM.COM -; -; Yurait -

Training and education processes adapted for use by persons with disabilities

FEFU has created conditions for education for persons with disabilities, including persons with disabilities with disorders of the musculoskeletal system, hearing, vision, and somatic diseases.

Students with disabilities study in general groups of students. If necessary, individual curriculums are developed that provide various options for conducting classes: in an educational organization or at home using distance technology.

Educational program managers help you with all the possible means.


All canteens at FEFU can serve persons with disabilities, they are served out of line.


The FEFU campus fully meets all the requirements of a barrier-free environment. Residential buildings and their entrances are equipped with lifts, ramps, special parking lots, elevators, bathrooms for wheelchair users.

The hotel rooms are designed for students with limited mobility. The rooms are equipped with the necessary furniture, every 10 days the employees of the cleaning company clean the room.

There are 16 rooms adapted for living with limited mobility:

Building 6 - 4 rooms

Building 7 - 8 rooms

Building 8 - 4 rooms

Students from among children with disabilities, people with disabilities of groups I and II are exempted from paying for accommodation in hostels of the FEFU. Group III disabled people receive a discount on payment for accommodation in the amount of 50%.

The cost of living is approved by Order of the FEFU president No. 12-13-1165 of 06/17/2016.

All questions regarding accommodation will be answered in the contact center by phone:

8 (800) 550-38-38

Students with a disability have the right to equal education, therefore, Far Eastern Federal University has upgraded its facilities and education system and created a Disability-Friendly workplace. Currently, 140 students with a disability have chosen to study at FEFU.

FEFU education is supported by advanced technology which helps students with disabilities to access information and educational resources efficiently. FEFU campus is located on Russky Island and has been designed to meets the requirements of a barrier-free environment.

Accessible Environment at the Campus


The accessible environment is one of the most important factors for applicants with disabilities;  At FEFU, students with disabilities have an opportunity to live and study. 

The campus has been built to support students with limited mobility; the buildings and entrances are properly designed to facilitate wheelchair movement. Moreover, special parking lots, bathrooms, elevators, and space have been allocated to support wheelchair users in the classrooms as well as in the conference rooms.

FEFU campus has been equipped to support mobility impaired, vision-impaired and hearing-impaired students.