FEFU graduates are working with leading industrial companies in Russia and international, their contribution to science and innovation have been recorded through the years and here are some of our renowned alumni

Professor Valentin Petrovich Vologdin

created the first arc welding laboratory in the country; and his school designed the Far East’s first welded steam boiler, the first all-welded bridge, all-welded hull, welded oil storage tanks and the USS R’s first all-welded tug boat, followed by a whole range of welded boats and barges. 

Professor Mikhail A. Pavlov

Explored the Arctic with Gregory Sedov’s during their scientific trip to the North Pole from 1912-1914, where a number of geographic locations in the Arctic named after him.

ProfessorI.P. Tolmachev

Participated in expeditions along the Chukotka coast of the Arctic Sea in 1909. 

Mikhail Mikhailovich Somov 

Hero of the Soviet Union, who studied at the Faculty of Shipbuilding of the Far Eastern Polytechnic Institute from 1930-1933, headed the drifting ice station “North Pole-2” from 1950-1951. He was also a leader of the 1st Soviet Antarctic Expedition from 1955-1957. For his great contributions to oceanography, a research vessel was named after him.

A.G. Sukhanov

A senior teacher of Theoretical Physics at Far Eastern State University. In 1957, he operated and supervised the Artificial Earth Satellite Observation Station. The station transmitted high-quality observation data to the Astronomic Council of the USSR.

Distinguished Alumni

  • Nikolay Barabanov (1914–2002), scientist, shipbuilder, eminent science and technology professional of the Russian Federation

  • Svetlana Goryacheva, Russian politician, member of the Federation Council from Primorskiy Krai, First Deputy Chairman of the Council of the Federation Committee on the House Rules and Parliamentary Performance Management

  • Dmitriy Kovalenin, Russian translator, orientalist, writer

  • Vladimir Sungorkin, Editor-in-Chief of Komsomolskaya Pravda – one of Russia's top national publications Igor Pushkarev, politician and former senator, mayor of Vladivostok since 2008

  • Vladimir Mamontov, Russian journalist, president of the editorial board of Izvestia newspaper – one of Russia's top national publications

  • Ilya Lagutenko,  Russian rock musician and leader of the band Mummy Troll

  • Valentin Sergienko, Russian chemist, vice president of the Russian Academy of Science (RAS), RAS academician, chairman of the Presidium of Far Eastern Branch Russian Academy of Science

  • Boris Titaev (1921–2000), marine and ocean engineer and scientist in shipbuilding area. Chair of All-union program – “Global Ocean” 

  • Eugene Popov, Russian journalist and TV host.  Victor Gorchakov, Russian politician and scientist, chair of Legislative Assembly of Primorskiy region. Rector of FEFU in 1997