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BRICS Educational Internship Program is held in recognition of the Russian 2020 BRICS Presidency. The Program is a semester educational internship organized by Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU), designed to provide an environment for students from Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa to study together in the framework of educational programs that could be evaluated as the most popular and relevant for BRICS. It promotes academic and cultural exchange aimed at intensification of socio-humanitarian cooperation, strengthening dialogue and mutual understanding within BRICS member states.

The Program offers students from BRICS countries to study in FEFU Master/Bachelor degree programs during the spring semester (mid-February - June 2020).  Studying together, students from five countries will get a chance to discuss the global agenda relevant for BRICS, as well as to explore Russia's foreign policy and its role in BRICS. The official language of the Program is English.