The regulations to minimize the spread of COVID-19 at FEFU Campus

As the global epidemiological situation with COVID-19 remains severe, and different states, including the Russian Federation, apply a wide set of measures to put the pandemic under control, the BRICS Educational Internship Program Organizing Committee would like to remind about the decisions adopted by the authorities of the Primorsky Region and Far Eastern Federal University.

The Organizing Committee urges all participants in the BRICS Educational Internship Program to comply with the measures listed below to keep all residents of FEFU Campus safe from COVID-19, especially to minimize the visits of the city of Vladivostok by using campus facilities.

1. From the end of March, Russia has been exercising self-isolation with the state of readiness decreed by Russian President Vladimir Putin. The Governor of Primorsky Region has issued a special Decree on preventing the spread of infection that prohibits leaving one’s accommodation without a special need (e.g. for medical assistance, to the closest pharmacy or grocery store). In public areas, people are advised to keep a distance of 1.5 meters from others (“social distancing”). The violation of the self-isolation regime leads to 3000-5000 rubles’ fine.

2. The self-isolation applies to FEFU as well. The access to the FEFU Campus and its dormitories is prohibited for none-residents. The time of entry and exit from dormitories for residents is set from 8 am to 10 pm.

3. Since April 17, the Russkiy Island has been closed for all non-residents. In order to enter the Island, these documents are necessary: (1) FEFU ID (with the number of a dormitory); (2) passport, (3) and registration.

4. FEFU grocery shops in buildings 6, 8, and 9 work from 8 am to 10 pm on a daily basis; a great variety of products is offered there for a reasonable price. The following food delivery options are available:

·      VL.RU Food (Доставка%20Еды)  – grocery and meals prepared by Vladivostok cafes and restaurants;

·      Mikhailovskiy supermarket free delivery to FEFU Campus;

·      Campus Food delivery: +7 (904) 523-20-20

4. FEFU has specially equipped two dormitories for quarantine and isolation for all arriving students and employees from countries with unstable epidemiological situations. Employees of the FEFU Medical Center are constantly monitoring the situation. In case of deterioration in health status, students are informed that they should contact the International Office of the university.

FEFU with the highest degree of responsibility refers to the issues related to the epidemiological situation in the region and takes all necessary measures aimed at preventing the spread of coronavirus infection on the territory of the FEFU campus on Russky Island and the city of Vladivostok.

The Organizing Committee hopes for the lifting of the quarantine regime as soon as possible and strongly advises everyone to take the self-isolation regulations with full seriousness.