FEFU Representative Office in Hanoi, Vietnam

Functions of the Representative Office:

1) Promoting the internationalization of the University and advancement of its partnership network in the Socialist Republic of Vietnam;

2) Building a positive international image of the University, as well as promoting its education brand in Vietnam;

3) Communication with Vietnamese educational institutions, public sector, and representatives of the business community with the purpose of developing cooperation with FEFU;

4) Promotion of FEFU educational goods and services in Vietnam and raising awareness about university learning opportunities among Vietnamese applicants;

5) Organization and implementation of exchange programs between FEFU and Vietnamese educational institutions for students, researchers, and professors;

6) Facilitating the establishment of research teams for joint projects between FEFU and Vietnamese experts;

7) Supporting the study of Russian language and culture in Vietnam;

8) Promotion of FEFU as a communication platform of Russia in the Asia-Pacific region;

9) Fostering cooperation between Russian and Vietnamese high-tech businesses with the aim of promoting technology transfer, as well as expanding the opportunities of FEFU young professionals to acquire practical skills in technological development and deployment in the frames of educational internships.

Exchange Programs with Vietnam

Contact: Anna Volodkina 
FEFU campus, building. B, level 6, B 651 
Tel .: +7 (423) 265 24 24 (ext 2209.) 
E-mail: volodkina_ae@dvfu.ru

News References

FEFU opened first Russia’s university representative office in Vietnam