Master Studies

Master’s Degree

Master’s degree is the higher level of higher education, which is acquired for 2 additional years after the graduation of bachelor’s degree programs and intends a deeper mastering of theoretical aspects of specialization and directs the student to research activities in this area. After completing of this program, graduates receive a diploma of higher professional education with awarding of the Master’s degree.

Master’s Degrees (Joint Double-diploma Educational Programs)

The joint double-diploma education programs is the unique combination of Russian and foreign higher education, providing opportunities for employment and admission to the master's programs. There is no need to study the higher school’s program twice – the most of disciplines are counted in both the diploma, academic credit transfer between partner universities is free of charge, after graduation students are awarded degrees of every partner universities. That saves you time and money.

Master’s Degree (Centre of Distance Education)

The Centre of Distance Education offers students the opportunity to be included to the active educational life of people without educational environment which is adequate for their needs in their community, by means of information and communication technologies, distance learning technologies, creating the conditions for dialogue exchange with a professor.

tuition fee (RUB/year)
44.04.02 Psycho-Pedagogical Education 265000