List of documents for Residency programs

To be admitted to FEFU, you must submit a complete set of documents before the application deadline.


Document preparation
1.       Specialist degree diploma in medical education + supplement with grades + consular legalization/apostille (if required) + notarized translations into Russian;
*If the previous education was received in the Russian Federation, it is necessary to provide:
- Specialist degree diploma in medical education (supplement with grades)
2.      Copy of passport + copy of visa (if there is) + notarized translation of passport (if passport data is not duplicated in Russian);
3.       Application form for international applicants to FEFU;
4.       Application for Admission;
5.       Application for accounting / passing tests;
6.       Consent to the processing of personal data.

Submission of documents
In person
Office A724, Building A, FEFU Campus (Monday - Friday from 9 am to 6 pm, break time 1 pm – 2 pm). Submit the full set of documents within the established deadlines.
interadmission@dvfu.rusend a complete set of documents within the established deadlines.
Attach each document as a separate PDF file!
For example: passport 1 document = 1 file, passport translation 1 document = 1 file, education document 1 document = 1 file, etc.). The name of the files should correspond to the item "Step 1" ("Specialist Diploma", "Passport", "Passport translation", etc.).
  Your application form will be reviewed and you will receive further enrollment instructions.

Entrance tests
Entrance tests for admission for Residency programs are conducted in the test form.
 The test is conducted using test tasks, completed automatically by randomly selecting 60 test tasks from the Unified database of assessment tools, formed by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.
Duration of the entrance test is 60 minutes.