FEFU Representative Office in New-Delhi, India

Functions of the Office:

1) Promotion of the internationalization of the University and expansion of its partner network in the Republic of India;

2) Formation of a positive international image of the University, as well as assistance in increasing the awareness of its brand in India;

3) Interaction with Indian educational institutions, authorities, representatives of the business community in order to develop cooperation with FEFU;

4) Promotion of FEFU educational products in India and informing Indian applicants about study opportunities at the University;

5) Organization and implementation of exchange programs for students, researchers and teachers between FEFU and Indian educational institutions;

6) Facilitation of the formation of scientific teams for joint research with Indian partners;

7) Promoting the study of the Russian language and culture in India;

8) Organization of joint projects aimed at strengthening cooperation within the framework of BRICS.

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