Academic Year

FEFU's academic year is divided into two semesters:  
  • First Semester “Autumn”:  September until the ends of December. 
  • Second Semester” Spring”: February until June. 
At the end of December, students have to pass the first part of the winter examination session. After the New Year holidays, students take the second part of the winter examination session. At the end of the winter examination session, students have a winter vacation, which lasts two weeks. 
The schedule of classes are available on FEFU's website and a hard copy is usually posted on information boards near student offices. The schedule of classes contains all the information about the place, date, time, type of the class, as well as the professors who teach students in various disciplines. The schedule of classes is made in such a way that the weeks in the semester are conventionally divided into “numerator” - upper, odd and “denominator” - lower, even. A semester always starts with a “numerator” (odd) week.
Classes are conducted in the form of lectures, seminars, practical and laboratory classes, tests, independent work, colloquiums, research work of students, internships and research papers.
For all types of classroom classes, the academic hour is 45 minutes. One class includes two academic hours and lasts 1 hour and 30 minutes.
Far Eastern Federal University has the following classes’ schedule:
  • 1 class: 08.30-10.00
  • 2 class: 10.10-11.40
  • 3 class: 11.50-13.20
  • 4 class: 13.30-15.00
  • 5 class: 10/15-16: 40
  • 6 class: 16.50-18.20
  • 7 class: 18.30-20.00
  • 8 class: 20.10-21.40 
Assessment System

The quality of the knowledge gained is assessed at the university in a continuous process of monitoring and evaluation. Students receive a hard copy of their results and evaluation during their studies, however; this document does not replace the official graduation certificate.

In case a student fails to pass an exam, his/her school gives him/her an extra opportunity to upgrade their work in order to pass the subject. However, students can be expelled from the university for academic failure, in case they failed to pass the subject several times, 

Moreover, Students with scholarships might risk losing their grants if they received satisfactory marks due to their poor performance.

What is the Examination Session?

It is the exam period where you have to pass all exams and tests. 

A FEFU student has two sessions a year:

  • Winter sessions: The end of December to early February (students also have New Year vacation during this period) 

  • Summer sessions: June 

FEFU has a rating system, therefore, if you work hard, attend classes, seminars, and workshops, a professor can give you an “excellent” mark without an exam.

How is the exam different from the credit?
In the exam, you can get a rating: Satisfactory / Good /Excellent. However, credits are not rated you just pass or fail the subject. 
*A student needs to get all the necessary credits before the start of the examination session.

How to change a major within the university?
Transfer from one major to another is possible while preserving the basis of training (at the expense of the federal budget or on a contractual basis), in accordance with which the student studied before. However, transfer to places funded by the federal budget is possible only if there are vacancies at the university in this field of study or specialty.

Academic leave and Expulsion 

Reasons for leaving the university:

  • Own decision

  • Transfer to another educational institution.

  • Health reasons.

  • Graduation from the university.

  • Termination of the contract.

  • Non-fulfillment of the curriculum or obtaining an unsatisfactory assessment at the state final Certification.

  • Violation of the university regulations and policies. 

  • Absenteeism from academic leave.

  • Studying in international double-diploma programs - due to expulsion from a foreign partner university.

  • Entry into force of a court conviction, by which a student is sentenced to imprisonment or other punishment, precluding the possibility of continuing education.

  • Death, as well as in the case of recognition by the decision of the court as missing, dead

How to continue studying at FEFU?
You can continue studying within five years after expulsion from the university.