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Arriving information 2017

Arrival in FEFU 2017: Questions and Answers

How can I get to Vladivostok?

Vladivostok International Airport has both international and domestic flights. The most convenient way to get to Vladivostok is by airplane. You can get information about flight options to Vladivostok in the ticketing offices in your city

When can I arrive in Vladivostok?

You can arrive in Vladivostok on any day within September 11 – 17, 2017

After buying your ticket please send information about your arrival to the address sosnova.ua@dvfu.ru

You will be informed of the dorm building number upon receiving your flight itinerary

How to get to the university?

If you arrive in Vladivostok International Airport, you have several options to reach the university:

Route, transport

transportation costs


Express Train (Airport – Vladivostok railway station)


 Taxi (Vladivostok railway station – FEFU Campus)


 Bus # 63 (Vladivostok railway station – FEFU Campus)

230 Rubles / 1 person


400 Rubles / 1 taxi


 21 rubles / 1 person 


Taxi (Airport –FEFU Campus)

1,500 – 2,000 Rubles /

1 vehicle

Information about Express Train:

The station is located at the airport. You should leave the airport arrival area and go right to the end of the airport, then take the escalator and walk through the hall to the station where you can buy the tickets.

Travel time from Vladivostok International Airport  to Vladivostok Station is 55 minutes

Information about taxis:

The airport runs a taxi company "Primavtoline.

LLC "Primavtoline" is the official carrier of JSC "Vladivostok International Airport". The order desk is located in the terminal for domestic airlines next to the exit from the terminal (inside the airport building).

Official Carrier guarantees the safety of passengers, professional drivers, serviceable new cars, fixed prices

Your destination (address):

Russian Island, FEFU campus

10 Ajax bay, Central entrance,

Building B, office B649  - if your arrival time is 9.00 – 18.00

Building number received by email – if you arrival time is 18.00 – 9.00

Please show this address to the driver:

Остров Русский, п. Аякс, 10 Кампус ДВФУ

Центральный въезд

Корпус … – при прибытии с 18.00 до 9.00

Корпус B – при прибытии с 9.00 до 18.00

How can I check in FEFU dormitory (campus hotels) and what rate do I pay?

You can check in FEFU campus hotels immediately on your arrival (if you arrive within September 11 -17)

You can pay your housing fee on student rate: 37,000 rubles per academic year (10 months) for a double occupancy. Payment is to be made in advance for the academic year

How does the accommodation service work?

Accommodation service operates 24 hours, so you can come at any time

Do I need to apply for accommodation to the OMC Campus management?

There is no need to apply for accommodation separately. We book rooms for all foreign students based on your application for enrollment

What room type will be booked for me?

Twin rooms will be booked for all students. If you want to change the room type, it can be done on site (subject to availability

Can the male and female students stay in one room?

The male and female FEFU students can stay in one room upon provision of a marriage certificate with translation into Russian

Is it possible to book accommodation at FEFU for my family members?

Placement of family members, who are not students of Far Eastern Federal University, is not permitted

What documents needed to get accommodation FEFU campus?

- Passport

- Certificate of passing fluorography (valid for one year)

- Reference Form 20 (can be completed upon arrival) - valid for 3 days

- Vaccination certificate (if any)

If you bring your own certificates, please note that they are to be translated into Russia

What I should do after accommodation?

Immediately after arrival (or the next day if arrived late in the evening) you have to come to the office B649

Attention! Due to the on-campus international events, for the period July 10 - September 10 International offices will be located in the building L. On September 10 the offices will return to the place of permanent location (building B)

The layout of the offices that you need to visit:


What needs to be done in this office

Permanent address

Placement for the period July 10 – Sep 10, 2017

Contact us

Office of International Admissions

Office of International Student Advising

Report about arrival, get and hand in the necessary documents,  receive instructions for further study process and accommodation, etc.

Building В

Office 649

Building L

Office 569

Phones for communication, information, navigation

8-423-265-24-24 *2206


Office of visas and registration

Give passport and migration card for registration of residence

Building B

Office 638

Building L 

Office 557

 Operating hours: Monday - Friday, from 9.00 to 18.00 (lunch from 13.00 to 14.00)

Attention! September 11 – 17 are all WORKING DAYS regardless of the week days

When will classes begin?

The first day of classes is September 18, 2017

The delay of your arrival is possible only in case of tuition fee advanced payment. As well, the delay must be reasoned with valid situation proven by corresponding documents

How and in what currency to pay tuition fees?

Tuition fees for 2017-2018 academic year: https://www.dvfu.ru/en/admission/

Tuition fee is paid in advance by bank transfer or on arrival in rubles. You can pay cash or by VISA or MasterCard.

Tuition for one semester is paid in advance, the spring semester tuition fee is to be paid before December 25, 2017

What else do I need to pay on arrival?

1) Housing fee for 1 academic year (10 months) – 37,000 rubles (invoice is issued upon arrival)

2) Medical certificates (if needed) - 200-300 rubles, FEFU Medical Center

3) Medical insurance for 1 year – 4,000 rubles - in office B64

Where can I have meals and how expensive are they?

You can have meals in the dining rooms or café on campus or cook your own meals in the hostel. According you your choice, food expenses can be in range of 5,000 – 10,000 rubles per month.

You need to buy your own kitchenware

Does the university provide living allowance?

The students who received scholarship from the Russian Government, may receive a monthly living allowance. The size of the allowance depends on the field of study, performance, etc

Do I need a medical examination to study at university?

It is needed if your field of ​​study requires medical certificate (if not provided earlier). The requirement of certificate you can find through the link


Is there a dress code or uniform at the university?

There is a uniform at the School of Biomedicine only (white coat)

For all other schools there is no dress code. The only requirement is a decent and neat appearance


For questions about admission to the University, to sign the agreement, enrollment and recognition of documents, please contact the Department to attract foreign students

phone 8-423-265-24-24 *2206

Email interadmission@dvfu.ru

Regarding the arrival, distribution and organization of educational process, as well as on current issues of staying at FEFU contact the department on work with foreign students

phone +79046272847

Email sosnova.ua@dvfu.ru