APEC Conference

The 10-th Conference on Cooperation in Higher Education in Asia-Pacific Region

Date: September 2-4, 2021

Stepped into a new decade of enhanced digitalization, the economies of Asia and the Pacific are addressing a broad range of emerging challenges and seek to promote innovative, equitable, and sustainable growth. As an essential part of ensuring socio-economic prosperity and well-being, education in particular aims to provide useful capacities for effective competitiveness and strengthen human capital development.

Plenary Session | APEC CCHE’ 10th Anniversary: Achievements and Prospects

In striving for sustainable economic growth and prosperity across Asia-Pacific, APEC economies assumed that higher education was the main driving force of vibrant markets and solid socio-economic progress for regional prosperity. Thus, APEC’s development as regards education has become of utmost importance in acquiring essential competencies to develop human resources, foster innovation and technology, and enhance employment opportunities.
For ten years, APEC Conference on Cooperation in Higher Education has been committed to strengthening ties between educational institutions of Russia and Asia-Pacific economies. The Conference and Far Eastern Federal University as its key organizer have become a reliable platform for discussing trends and challenges in the development of the regional educational community, while also offering a visionary framework for policymaking.
Participants of the 10th APEC CCHE are invited to contemplate the future of cooperation in higher education in Asia-Pacific and beyond.
Key topics:
• The changing face of higher education: trends, challenges, and determinants of development in Asia-Pacific;
• New and existing frameworks to foster education and lifelong learning;
• APEC education strategies: looking back and moving forward;
• Best educational practices of the decade in APEC economies.

 984_oooo.plus.png Moderator: Dr. Victoria Panova, Vice President, Far Eastern Federal University


Program of the conference: