Guidance for a contact person upon arrival to a quarantine building

We are concerned about your health and are counting on your understanding of the current COVID-19 pandemic.

You are placed in quarantine building 2.3 for a preventive purpose.

1. You must observe the self-isolation regime in a specially designated building until a negative PCR test result for COVID-19 is obtained (Based on Sanitary and Epidemiological Regulations 3.1.3597-20 “Prevention of New Coronavirus Infection (COVID-19)”, clause 3.8).

2. Audio monitoring will be organized in the quarantine building during the entire period of your stay.

3. You will be tested (a throat swab) for COVID by PCR method within three calendar days from the day of your arrival in Russia. If you arrive at the building before noon, you will be able to undergo testing on the day of your check-in; otherwise, you can do it on the next day. On the way to the laboratory, please do not contact anyone except medical staff and volunteers.

You will receive test results the next business day (if the test is taken on Friday, the result will be ready on Monday).

After receiving the test result, you will be informed the same day. If you receive a questionable result or you have catarrhal symptoms, an increase in body temperature, you will be transferred to building 2.2 until the diagnosis is clarified.

4. Food and drinking water will be provided by FEFU.

If you need to buy any additional products or items, you can ask volunteers (the service is free of charge) or use delivery services. Delivery is made through the building administrator. All deliveries are subject to antiseptic treatment.

5. Study will be in a distance form these days. If you have questions about the organization of distance learning in self-isolation, please write an email at with your full name and group number. If you are in self-isolation separately from your group, we recommend that you inform your name and group number by e-mail to the same address on the very first day.

6. We remind you that you should observe the following rules and recommendations:

- do not leave the room;

- use a mobile phone for emergency communication;

- do not contact third parties (those who live in other rooms, relatives, or other visitors);

- if it is impossible to avoid short-term contact with third parties, it is mandatory to use a medical mask;

- if you need to leave the room (to have a test), put on a medical mask and treat your hands with hand sanitizer. After your return back to the room, sanitize your hands once again;

- ventilate the room regularly (at least 5 times a day), going out into the corridor in compliance with all the rules;

- keep the room clean, remove dust from the surfaces at least once a day using available tools and equipment (you can take it on the bedside table in front of the room door on the day of check-in);

- adhere to a healthy lifestyle, keep a diet and do physical exercises in between classes.

7. In case you have symptoms (weakness, fever, cough, chest pain, loss of smell and taste) that do not exclude new coronavirus infection (COVID-19), you should immediately inform the medical staff or administrator by phone:   International Students Office: tel. 8 (953) 211-66-97;

Building administrator:

If you have any additional questions, you can contact the International Students Office: tel. 8 (953) 211-66-97,

8. If there are no clinical manifestations of the disease by the time you have two negative test results, you will be admitted to the educational process.

For accommodation in the hostel buildings, you will have to show the medical document, which confirms the negative result of a laboratory analysis of the material for COVID by PCR method.

Contact details:

8 (953) 211-66-97 (International Students Office) (International Students Office)

8 (924) 130-05-77 (Contact Сenter of Medical Volunteers) – available from 15:00 till 20:00.

For questions about the organization of study: (International Students Office)

For questions about the purchase and delivery of necessary products and items: